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02 Dec 2023BABY Audio Transit v1.0
The Ultimate transition Designer (VST / AU / AAX) This plugin kills static mixes We teamed up with Andrew Huang to create Transit: An FX plugin that’ll give your mix transitions super powers. Use it for build-ups, drops, motion effects, risers and sweeps – and keep your listeners constantly engaged. An easier way to create better transitions Creative transitions between song parts play...
01 Dec 2023Make Believe Studios Sontec MES-432D9D v1.1.5
Sontec MES-432D9D Based on the MES-432D9 utilized by some of the most demanding engineers in the world, this equalizer needs no introduction. Thanks to Metric Halo's revolutionary new State Space Model Extraction Process this equalizer is available digitally in a way that is true to Burgess's vision for the first time. We are proud to have helped play a part in the legendary history that is Sontec.
30 Nov 2023Platone Studio Swiss Saturator v1.0
About Swiss Saturator Cover all of your saturation needs with a quality-sounding VST that adds instant character to samples and recordings by applying gentle-to-brutal distortion. In addition to its distinctive drivers, phatteners, and crushers, Swiss Saturator is filled with customization options. Adjust the distortion levels of the entire frequency spectrum by exploring Swiss Saturator’s separate low.
29 Nov 2023Band-in-a-Box 2023 Build 1004 with Realband
Band-in-a-Box 2023 New Features There are over 70 new features in Band-in-a-Box® 2023! This includes many major new features. There are Partial Track Re-Generations, with an on-screen Regeneration Panel and an Always Different setting to get up to 40 variations on any RealTracks. Undo - Track Generation and Undo - Song Generation is added. You can now copy, cut, paste, delete, insert, and do other...
28 Nov 2023Native Instruments Play Series - Bazzazian Tapes
Tape-infused textures Sought-after sounds from the personal vault of an iconic German hip hop producer Explore synths, keys, acoustic instruments, and more, infused with the character of vintage hardware 150 tweakable presets crafted by Bazzazian himself Part of the Play Series: Hard-hitting presets and real-time control in an intuitive interface Vintage sounds for cutting-edge productions Bazzazian...
27 Nov 2023Arturia Acid V v1.0
Corrosive bassline machine Acid V channels the cult-classic bass synth that pushed the underground into overdrive. Pump your mixes full of reactive ever-evolving bass grooves, unleash mutated sequences fizzing with distortion, and experiment with extra features for revitalized rave energy. Enter the rave reactor The abrasive, hypnotic sound that gets synapses firing and feet tapping unlike anything else.
27 Nov 2023Phil Speiser The_Pattern
THE DRUM SEQUENCER OF THE FUTURE HAS ARRIVED The perfect drums for your song are now always just a few clicks away… It took me many years to understand what really makes the drums in my productions not only sound professional but also exciting and inspiring. You can easily get lost in the process and kill your creative flow. Is the kick sample the right one? Is the snare too loud? Why does it...
27 Nov 2023Steinberg VST Connect Pro v5.6
Remote recording more complete than ever With its new video streaming functionality, VST Connect Pro 5 features a significant step forward for the audio-to-picture industry, making it possible to record audio for film scoring, language dubbing, composing for video and other situations from anywhere in the world. VST Connect Pro 5.5 now comes with remote ADR (Automated Dialog Replacement) No matter...
27 Nov 2023Tone Empire Soul Squash v1.0.1
Soul Squash Introducing the SoulSquash Vintage Audio Compressor Pedal A sonic time capsule brimming with retro allure and modern finesse. Sampled and accurately replicated with our proprietary NM2 Neural Network technology, this pedal embodies a pristine and clean solid-state sound, adding a touch of nostalgia to your audio. Its intuitive design and minimalist controls channel soulful and funky vibes.
27 Nov 2023Kazrog Avalon VT747SP
An analog icon, redefined for today's producer The Avalon VT-747SP combines a tube/discrete modeled Class A opto-compressor with a musical six-band program equalizer, as well as output level and gain reduction metering. Ideal for signal conditioning, stereo buss compression and EQ, stereo keyboards and mastering applications. Avalon VT-747SP Native was developed by Kazrog in conjunction with Avalon Design.
27 Nov 2023Orange Groove Samples FX
All WAV FX Sample Pack Perfect For Absolutely ANY Genre Of Music. RISERS DOWNLIFTERS IMPACTS BOOMS SWEEPS File Size 1.31GB UNZIPPED
27 Nov 2023Orange Groove Samples House & Garage Drums
All WAV Samples Perfect For Any Type Of House Or Dance Music. DRUM LOOPS 496 Full Loops 333 Loops With No Kick 43 Shaker Loops   ONE SHOT DRUM SAMPLES 433 Claps & Snares 464 Hats 467 Kicks 447 Percussion Sounds 1.95 GB Unzipped
27 Nov 2023Streaky The Ultimate Mastering Course Complete
Learn to Mix & Master from Working Professional Engineers Use the same systems, templates and working methods as the pros use daily to achieve a professional radio ready finish to any track in any genre. Take Your Mastering To The Next Level No more searching YouTube for mastering tutorials as Streaky breaks down everything from EQ too dynamics in an easy to follow system. 1. 8 In-Depth Modules...
27 Nov 2023Teletone Audio Tympo
Performative Drums Tympo lets you easily create, perform and bend beats through the innovative beatmaker and sound design controls. VINTAGE & FAT DRUMS 30 kits created from over 50 vintage drums, recorded with multiple round robins and velocity layers. Choose from a list of curated drum kits created by Teletone or build your own kit from the ground up. The sample selection includes vintage kicks.
27 Nov 2023Vocal Roads Frozen Love Female House Vocals
Vocal Roads is excited to present Frozen Love - Female House Vocals! This is a modern house collection of searing vocal lines, harmonic backing vocals, punchy percussion, groovy basses, and catchy leads that will get your dancing engines started! Beautiful female vocals inspired by Ellie Goulding, Inna, Raye, and others. These are sure to melt ice in your hearts. All content 100% royalty-free. All...
27 Nov 2023Tech It Samples Gangsta Tech
The samples cover a wide range of elements, including loops, one-shot drums, FX, kicks, claps, cymbals, and much more. As an additional bonus, 10 MIDI files are included to provide even more creative inspiration. It's important to note that all content within this pack is 100% royalty-free, allowing you to freely utilize these elements in your own productions without any restrictions. Sample Pack...
27 Nov 2023Phil Speiser The Strip
THE FUTURE OF MIXING IS HERE! RELEASE READY RESULTS – EASIER THAN EVER – EVERY SINGLE TIME I have to admit, for the first years of my musical career the mixing stage was always the part of my production process I felt most insecure about. Is my kick loud enough? Is my mix too muddy? Will it sound good on a big system? Does it sound professional and compete with other releases? I’m...
27 Nov 2023Surreal Machines Dub Machines Modnetic v1.3
DUB MACHINES is a bundle of two analog inspired DELAY PLUGINS in VST & AU formats across 32 and 64 bit operation for WINDOWS and OS X hosts. The designs of the Dub Machines plugins take full advantage of their digital engines, but their sonic power stems from analog gear and the inspiration it provides. At the heart of our design process, the technical emulation of well known analog fx units is...
27 Nov 2023Tone Empire TF-72a v1.0
About TF – 72a Introducing the “TF-72a” – a cutting-edge audio plugin meticulously crafted through the revolutionary power of Neural Networks and Deep Learning. This plugin is a faithful emulation of the legendary Vintage German tube preamp, an iconic piece of German engineering that graced some of the most renowned recording studios of yesteryears. Whether you’re tracking vocals.
26 Nov 2023Nexus 4 Expansion Vintage Synths 2
Retro Goodness Want the musical magic of the '70s, '80s, and '90s at your fingertips? Look no further! Vintage Synths 2 delivers the most stunning, modern collection of real vintage synthesizer sounds on the market. Manuel Schleis and Andy Hinz teamed up to create a universal masterpiece of classic, timeless synths. This vast arsenal of analog and digital goodness, derived from real life hardware and machines.
25 Nov 2023MixWithTheMasters Jack Antonoff Producing A&W by Lana Del Rey Inside the Track #90
After producing three critically acclaimed albums with Lana Del Rey, the Grammy-winning producer sits down at Rue Boyer Studios to revisit her latest groundbreaking single, “A&W”. Filmed at Rue Boyer Studios where the record was mixed, Jack explores the performance and recording techniques that brought the track to life. The series begins with Jack showcasing the instruments that underpin...
24 Nov 2023Vegas Pro v21
Video editing software designed for content creators The brand-new VEGAS Pro is the creative powerhouse that answers all your needs. Manage every aspect of content creation without ever leaving the interface. Level up to Pro With the all-inclusive VEGAS Pro editing software, you get everything you need to make your videos stand out from the crowd - from professional editing tools to fully integrated audio and compositing.
23 Nov 2023reFX Drill Nexus 4 Expansion
Gritty Want to tunnel in a darker direction? Explore gritter soundscapes for your next Hip Hop or Drill productions with the brand-new Drill expansion! With everything from heavy 808s, sinister textures, and stormy atmospheres to overdriven synths, you can dive into the recesses of your mind and creativity! This one is also perfect for any Trap, Grime, or UK Drill track. Don't wait to dive deep...
22 Nov 2023Pelham and Junior Alt Hip-Hop
It's all in the name: Alt Hip-Hop. A lot of hip-hop worthy samples, but Alternative in feel and texture. Inspired by the likes of Brock Hampton, Isaiah Rashad, Smino, Ivy Sole and more. In this pack you'll find soulful synth progressions, euphoric synth keys, live guitar, live bass and our unique vocal phrases.This pack comes with 12 mini compositions with their stems. All of them can be chopped...
21 Nov 2023DKanee Magic Duo Drum And One Shot Kit
Touch the Magic of this Bundle (Magic Drumkit + Magic Oneshots) Magic works best in duo. If music is not just a little hobby for you, but you have more professional approach to this business, then this is the best choice for you today! Magic Bundle contains: Magic Drumkit with 75+ New Wave drums. (Especially when it comes to 808’s) Magic Oneshot kit with 100+ Magic sounds.  
20 Nov 2023Safari Pedals Lion Master v1.5
Introducing the "Lion Master" by Safari Pedals, a groundbreaking audio plugin meticulously crafted from the ground up. This limiter boasts exceptional features such as true peak capabilities, allowing for precise control over audio dynamics. With its built-in saturation and width enhancements, the Lion Master effortlessly adds warmth and depth to any sound, elevating it to new animal heights.
19 Nov 2023The Sound Of Toolroom Vol 2
Toolroom Academy proudly presents the second instance of "The Sound Of Toolroom", a comprehensive collection of beats, basslines, melodic synth loops and one shots ready to be utilised as building blocks for your next mainstage Tech House banger. Produced, curated and tested by upcoming Toolroom-artists such as Ellis Moss, Crusy and Simon Kidzoo, this library entails a diverse range of contemporary...
18 Nov 2023Audialab Emergent Drums v2.0
Harness the power of AI to generate infinite, royalty-free drums What is Emergent Drums 2? Emergent Drums 2 is a revolutionary plugin that uses A.I. to generate infinite drum samples. Every sample is created from scratch Our cutting-edge generative models are trained to design novel drum samples from scratch, bit by bit. No source recordings are used to generate the samples, so each one is truly original.
17 Nov 2023Apisonic Labs Speedrum v1.5.3
Drum/percussion sampler plugin. Fast and easy for use. Plugin Features Speedrum is an MPC style drum sampler. Designed for easy startup and fast workflow, but with powerful features if you need them. 32 pads with essential effects, and with 8 sample layers per pad. With the addition of a loop slicer. Two layouts 16 pads layout A/B with view to all pad FX or 32 pads layout with one FX view at a time...
16 Nov 2023Drumdrops Pop Punk
Pop Punk is a collection of powerful, energetic and beautifully recorded drum loops and samples capturing the convivial optimism of the 00s pop punk scene. With nearly 250 loops across 10 tempos our Pop Punk album packs enough grooves and styles to cover anything from Blink-182 to Fall Out Boy and everything in between. On the drums was Joe Lazarus (Circa Waves, Mike Vennart, Voodoo Six). We used London’s...
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