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SampleTank Instrument Expansion Platinum for Sampletank [4 DVD]

$65.00 $39.95
SampleTank Instrument Expansion Platinum for Sampletank [4 DVD]
Product Type: VST Instruments

SampleTank Instrument Expansion Platinum for Sampletank [4 DVD]

The SampleTank Expansion Platinum Edition contains every available library for SampleTank from Sonic Reality, the leading developer for this enduring and widely-used format. This is one-stop shopping to get all 36 volumes … EVERYTHING from the Sonic Reality vaults in SampleTank format. That's the 17 libraries of the SampleTank Instrument Expansion Gold Edition, the 15 style paks of the ReTank Expansion Gold Edition and all 4 volumes of Studiophonik Multichannel Instruments Complete. Get it ALL with the SampleTank Expansion Platinum Edition.


Studiophonik Multichannel Instruments for SampleTank!

Now you can mix between dry and ambient mics for drum kits, choose and mix between different pick ups for your guitars and bass sounds in real-time, process raw acoustic and electric studio instruments with 32 studio quality effects and more!


  • Volume 1: Custom Drum Kits 1
  • Volume 2: Guitars
  • Volume 3: Basses
  • Volume 4: Custom Drum Kits 2

SampleTank Instrument Expansions

  • Acoustic Drums Collection 2
  • Acoustic Guitar Collection 2
  • Bass Collection 2
  • Cinematik Collection
  • Electric Guitar Collection 2
  • Electronic Drums
  • Hip Hop Instruments
  • OmniSynth 2
  • Piano Collection 2
  • Sample Arp Solo
  • SampleOB Xpander
  • Symphony Strings 2
  • World Instruments Collection
  • Vocal Collection
  • Vintage Keys Collection
  • Film Orchestra Vol 1
  • Film Orchestra Vol 2
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You may buy SampleTank Instrument Expansion Platinum for Sampletank [4 DVD] or download it from our website.
This product was released on 30 Dec 2013. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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