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Komputer Inside

Komputer Inside
Product Type: Reason Refills

Totally created using analog synthesis - Loops, Sequences & Sweeps - Misc. Synth Notes, Chords & FX - Synth Drum Patterns - Synth Sequences - Synth Noizes - Electronic Percussion Hits - Misc. Notes. A goldmine of electronic noises - a unique resource for anyone working in this area.

More info on the Producer
Komputer have been busy recently releasing a string of singles and EPs along with their debut LP - 'The World of Tomorrow'. They've been supporting these releases with live appearances around the globe.

Review Highlights
"Inside Komputer provides all the building blocks you're going to need for a variety of electronic music...this is a useful collection for providing inspiration. Overall, this is a very versatile collection that's well worth investigating." - The Mix, April, 98.

"In conclusion the production value, usability and sonic quality of this disc are all excellent... Overall Komputer did great job with this disc." - Port One

Mute Record's Komputer are famous for their brand of Germanic technopop.

Format Info
GENERAL: ReFills are exclusively for use with Propellerheads Reason. They are preset expansions that transform Reason and can offer you new sounds for every module in Reason. Not all ReFills contain content for every module and libraries that are essentially only REX file-based (like drum loop libraries) are generally only released as REX CDs rather than ReFills. ReFills make sample libraries come to life! SPECIFIC: This ReFill contains all the library's REX files, there are also NN19 programs for extremely fast access, some ReDrum kits, SubTractor patches and even a few song starters.

You may buy Komputer Inside or download it from our website.
This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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