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Pro Tools LE 7 for Windows XP

Pro Tools LE 7 for Windows XP
Product Type: Sound Editors

Digidesign Pro Tools LE 7 software introduces a plethora of new features and enhancements that deliver significantly expanded MIDI and audio recording and editing capabilities, greater mixing power and flexibility, enhanced efficiency, and improved ease of use, providing a new creative environment for the industry-standard digital audio workstation.

Advanced MIDI Sequencing Functionality

* New Instrument Tracks combine MIDI and audio capabilities in a single channel strip, simplifying routing for virtual instruments and MIDI sound modules

* Real-time MIDI processing enables control of MIDI quantization, note duration and velocity, transposition, and timing in real time

* Enhanced groove quantization features, including the ability to apply groove template quantization across multiple tracks, add randomization to further humanize the feel of a groove, and apply groove template quantization to incoming MIDI signals

* Sample-based MIDI tracks allow MIDI events to stay locked to time code regardless of session tempo changes

* Zoom Toggle enhancements enable users to quickly toggle between two different user-defined settings in the Edit window, making it easier to work with both MIDI and audio

* Mirrored MIDI editing mode allows adjustments made to one MIDI file affect all existing copies of that region

* Additional MIDI improvements, including

o An enhanced Select/Split Notes window enables users to split a MIDI performance into multiple tracks by MIDI note, velocity, duration, or position
o A new Remove Duplicate Notes command allows users to quickly clean up recorded or merged MIDI tracks
o An overhauled Change Duration window offers new legato, overlap correction, and transform sustain pedal features
o The Transpose window now allows users to transpose all notes in octaves and semitone

More Creative Audio Editing and Arranging Features

* New Region Groups allow grouping of any combination of audio and MIDI regions, across any number of tracks

* New Region Looping feature offers an easy way to repeat one or more audio regions, MIDI regions, and Region Groups, speeding up composing and arranging

* Work with REX and ACID audio files — the two most popular audio formats for loops and samples

* Separate on Grid and Separate at Transient functions allow editing of multi-track audio regions simultaneously, based on a grid value or transients in an audio file

* Support for quantizing audio regions according to a grid or groove template

* New “reverse” Strip Silence functionality allows for extracting louder portions of audio tracks

Enhanced Mixing and Processing Capabilities

* Improved host processing efficiency allows you to run more select RTAS effects and instrument plug-ins simultaneously

* Support for up to 10 sends per track increases mixing flexibility and allows larger, more complex mixing architectures

* New support for 32 internal mix busses allows for larger, more complex mixing architectures

* Support for RTAS plug-ins on Aux Inputs and Master Faders on Pro Tools|HD systems allows for improved session transferability between Pro Tools|HD and Pro Tools LE/Pro Tools M-Powered systems

* Send assignments can now be copied or moved across tracks via drag-and-drop

* New Automate All command allows arming automation of all plug-in parameters at once

* An all-new, free Dynamics III DigiRack plug-in (released concurrently with Pro Tools 7 software) allows easy and powerful control of mix dynamics

* EQ III now includes a new filter band-pass solo mode, making it easy to isolate and remove unwanted signals or noise in an audio track

* New Cut, Copy, Clear Special commands allow more refined editing of automation

* Additional software optimizations provide users with a faster, more responsive, and more powerful workstation


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You may buy Pro Tools LE 7 for Windows XP or download it from our website.
This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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