Dave Gibson - The Art Of Mixing DVD Tutorial

Dave Gibson - The Art Of Mixing DVD Tutorial
Dave Gibson - The Art Of Mixing DVD Tutorial

Get an understanding of how to mix any type of music with this instructional DVD! The #1 best-selling book on mixing comes to life with over three and a half hours of vivid, detailed instruction on one DVD! With Gibson’s exclusive 3D visual framework, you’ll learn the right way to create every style of mix for any style of music. In Part 1, you’re presented with fascinating and informative visual representations of audio. Part 2 presents visual representations of studio equipment and descriptions of the functions of each unit involved in mixing including compressors, limiters, noise gates, equalizers, reverb machines and multi-effects processors. This is a fun and truly effective way to learn this essential skill.


* Consisting of approximately 210 mins., this DVD provides you with detailed instruction on how to mix nearly every genre of popular music!

* Offers a ton of animations and visual representations using an exciting, humorous approach to the popular topic of mixing music.

* Capitalizing on the popularity of the book, "The Art of Mixing", this DVD provides another great way to learn this dynamic topic.

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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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