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VipZone Multisamples vol.1 - Leads

VipZone Multisamples vol.1 - Leads
Product Type: GIGA samples

VipZone Multisamples vol.1 - Leads [SF2/SXT/GIG Formats]

ROCCO LEAD - lead typical for funny commercial melodies like ROCCO. Contains a lot of high detuned harmonics

COMM DRY - powerful lead useful for arpeggios, you can combine it also with other leads to make it more powerful

COMM LEAD - characteristic powerful lead, very melodic

DETUNED SOLO - lead we can hear often, when listening to the German tracks. Bright, sharp and detuned

DETUNED STACK - powerful lead/pad, strongly detuned the way typical for Nord Lead 3 - source of that sample. You can hear it in the most German techno/trance tracks. This can be used practically in every track in different ways

DOUBLE SAT - soft, detuned lead in a GROOVE COVERAGE style

ENERGY FAT - classic powerful lead from VIRUS

HOLLOW LEAD - highly detuned soft lead. Very useful ex. in a break

MANIAC LEAD - great lead, created by one of Polish DJs. Congratulations !!! Unique sound, one of the best from this collection

MAX LEAD - hardly detuned, very sharp lead useful for aggresive arpeggios and tracks

MEGA BUZZER - a few multisamples combined into one powerful lead. Very useful as a MAIN LEAD in a track

MICRO LEAD 1 - next lead typical for funny commercial melodies

MICRO LEAD 2 - lead/synth typical for trance-chord arpegios

MID LEAD - hardly detuned mix of custom presets from VIRUS. Useful when creating funny commercial tracks but not only...

MONO BUZZER - probably the best detuned lead in this collection. Simple and effective. Ideal for techno.

MULTI SAT - very good detuned trance synth ideal for pads and leads

NICE PAD - warm pad from Nord Lead 3

NORD LEAD - classic string-type sound from Nord Lead 3. Used in many tracks - mostly productions from Benelux (IAN VAN DAHL, KATE RYAN, NOVASPACE itp...)

NORD PAD - awesome pad from Nord Lead 3. Instruments has nearly 100 MB of weight


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You may buy VipZone Multisamples vol.1 - Leads or download it from our website.
This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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