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Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums [2 DVD]

Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums [2 DVD]
Product Type: GIGA samples

Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums [2 DVDs Set]

The "Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums" library consists of 169 .GIG files and over 1,380 GigaStudio Instrument (.GSI) kits, there are over 8330 different samples totaling over 7 gigabytes of material. In addition users who register this product will receive an additional 35 drum kits. There are also 13 new GigaPulse multi-placment rooms. Each of these rooms has 18 different player locations and can output your drum performance in either 2, 5 or 7 channels for stereo or surround use. Each of the 13 rooms is comprised of 126 unique impulses with a total of 1638 impulses in the GigaPulse native format.

Additionally, Larry has also taken the time to include midi loops (1,444 to be exact) for use with this library. Unlike other "audio-loop" libraries your loops will not degrade with tempo changes and because these midi loops are triggering a deeply multi-sampled library. A simple wave of the "velocity wand" in your sequencer offers a very realistic human variation to these drum performances.

The drums are mapped in both a General MIDI (GM) layout and an Optimal/Expanded (EX) keyboard layout unique to this library. The library was designed to take full advantage of GigaStudio 3.0's 'stacked instrument' feature, which allows the user to combine multiple instruments, comprising a kit, on a single MIDI channel. When appropriate, the GigaStudio 3.0 iMidi 'round robin' mapping feature is employed to avoid sample redundancy during rapid playing. All raw drum sound samples were recorded 24-bit stereo and have been left untreated beyond the microphones and preamps that were used in their original capture.

How the library was designed:

Each type of drum, with its respective positional 'Zones' (see picture below) and alternate striking methods, was assigned a unique region on the keyboard. For instance, a snare drum's strikes are mapped from E2 to E3 which correspond to the various physical positions at which Pat struck his actual snare drums.

Similar to the snare mapping described above, all of Pat’s drums except for crash, bell, and splash cymbals were sampled with positional information which is preserved in the final instrument design. In addition to positional 'Zones', there are 16 velocities and various striker choices. The sound samples taken from each drum are mapped according to these layout regions and stored in their own individual .GIG file.

The raw instruments (drums and cymbals) living inside of their respective .GIG files are combined using the "virtual stacking" feature of GigaStudio 3.0 to create custom drum kits (saved as .GSI files) whose individual drum components (kicks, snares, toms etc) are interchangeable. By creating drum kits using the new .GSI file format rather than the more common and traditional .GIG file, the user is able to mix and match drum sounds to create custom drum kits in a non-destructive manner. Each of the drum components within a drum kit can be tuned, panned, mixed, and routed separately from the other drum components.

Enhanced Drum Programming for that "real" feel:

Mod Wheel - On the snare drums and toms, the Mod Wheel and Key Switches control the type of strike from head strike to rimshot and rim-only strikes. It is also the MOD wheel that controls the announcer who tells you the name of the drum kit for each key pressed when you load any of the 'Audition' drum kits. (The Pitch Wheel does this also)

Pitch Wheel - On the hi-hats, the Pitch Wheel (along with key-switching) controls the positional 'Zones' where the hi-hat was struck by Pat.

Sustain Pedal - This switches between open and closed hi-hat in addition to key selection for multiple degrees of Hi Hat 'openness'.

You may also find more information about this product here.

You may buy Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums [2 DVD] or download it from our website.
This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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