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VSL Horizon Series - French Oboe

VSL Horizon Series - French Oboe
Product Type: GIGA samples

VSL Horizon Series - French Oboe [GIGA Format]


The French Oboe is the first instrument featured by the Vienna Symphonic Library whose roots are not to be found in the Viennese orchestras. Its particular sound and playing characteristics differ noticeably from the Viennese oboe. So this edition offers a colorful enhancement to Vienna's range of orchestral expressive possibilities, as well as additional variations for the diversity of the over-all sound. During the recordings the team gave their utmost attention to capturing the lyrical and expressive vibrato that you'll find in the extensive Legato Performances. But this edition not only features the French oboe, equaling the quality of instruments from our Pro Edition in scope and detail, but it also includes bonus instruments: an English horn, which is close in character and makes a wonderful complement to the French oboe, a small clarinet in Eb, and piccolo runs.

French Oboe Articulations

• Staccatos (2 variations)
• Short portatos (2 variations)
• Long portatos (2 variations)

Long notes:

• Sustained (medium and progressive vibrato)
• 2 sec. notes with different attacks


• With and without vibrato
• Crescendo and diminuendo, various tone lengths
• Special dynamics (fortepiano, sforzato, sforzatissimo, crescendo-diminuendo)


• Half & whole tone, with constant dynamics, crescendo and diminuendo, normal and accelerando


• Major and minor legato octave runs
• Chromatic and whole tone runs

Grace notes:

• Up and down, minor 2nd to octave

Performance Elements:

• Legato: Piano and forte, normal and marcato
• Repetitions: Legato, portato, and staccato Repetition Performances, piano, forte, crescendo and diminuendo
• Grace notes: Minor 2nd to octave, piano and forte

English horn Articulations

• Staccatos (2 variations)
• Sustained notes (medium and progressive vibrato)
• Crescendo-diminuendo (4 and 8 sec. tone length)
• Legato Performances

Small clarinet in Eb Articulations

• Staccatos (2 variations)
• Short portatos (2 variations)
• Sustained notes
• Legato Performances

Piccolo Articulations

• Runs: Major, minor, chromatic and whole tone octave runs

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You may buy VSL Horizon Series - French Oboe or download it from our website.
This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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