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KONTAKT 3 Sample Library [6 DVD]

KONTAKT 3 Sample Library [6 DVD]
Product Type: VST Instruments

Native Instruments KONTAKT 3 Sample Library [6 DVD]

The newly designed library of KONTAKT 3 contains more than 33 GB of high-quality sample materials and 1000 production-ready instruments - subdivided into six separate Instrument Collections: Band, Orchestral, World, Synth, Vintage and Urban Beats.

KONTAKT 3 delivers a universe of authentic, immediately usable sounds. The palette spans from world music instruments to big band and on to legendary synthesizers and contemporary club sounds - from fuzz tone e-guitars to classical orchestra instruments: from realistic acoustic drum kits to the latest hip-hop loops. The KONTAKT 3 Library contains numerous exclusive instruments that you won't find anywhere else!

The Instrument Collections


This collection contains all standard band instruments found in genres like rock, jazz, funk, pop, r'n'b and hip-hop. It covers among other things, e-guitars, basses, acoustic drum-kits, a drawbar organ and various e-pianos. A highlight for sure is the extensive brass section, in which both solo instruments and complete horn sections are contained.


The complete Vienna Symphonic Library Orchestra from KONTAKT 2 was revised and has been supplemented by many further NI-produced instruments.
The immense variations in sound and articulation has been ensured by several special functions:
Typical instrument playing techniques /articulations can be recalled live (e.g. staccato, tremolo, sustain, fortepiano) while the convolution effect precisely reproduces real concert rooms acoustics. A new legato mode, an equally ingeniously yet simple Harmonizer, as well as a MIDI filter for the automatic production of certain kinds of scales ("Constrain to Scale") give completely new possibilities for creative production.


The much-requested World Collection contains many exotic instruments from all over the globe - uniting some of the world's most different musical cultures. Flutes and reed instruments, bagpipes, plucked instruments and percussions generate a global pool of unusual sounds, offering unequaled creative opportunities for the producer.


In this category you will find the full range of contemporary synth pads, basses, leads and drum kits at your disposal. Since each synthesizer type possesses its own Performance View (see below), you have the possibility of accessing in seconds the important parameters and tweaking the sound to your desire. Additionally this column contains an integrated drum computer for the synth drum kits - packed full of grooves from the go!


The Vintage Collection handles the legendary sounds of analog synthesizers and keyboards. Also included are drum machines, organs and string synths from the seventies, and the signature digital devices of the eighties. Only the original hardware was used for the sampling. The directly sampled raw sounds therefore carry all the character (and peculiarities) of the original material. The unique "Electronic Toys" - section require special attention - a creative playground beyond compare full of quirky electronic toy keyboards.

Urban Beats

The Urban beats collection contains 50 ready-for-action drum loop production kits. Each production kit consists of a complete drum loop, single loop tracks (snare, hi-hat loop etc. separated) and the individual slices. Therefore you can vary and add accent to your loop with only a few keys. All contained loops have been exclusively produced for NATIVE INSTRUMENTS and are contained on no other sample CD.


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You may buy KONTAKT 3 Sample Library [6 DVD] or download it from our website.
This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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