Sample Magic Breakbusters [WAV Format]

From the darkest vaults of Sample Magic comes Breakbusters, choc full of the filthiest, funkiest, grimiest, chunkiest breakbeat samples ever committed to disc. 

Cone-melting basslines wrestle with ballbusting breaks; floor-shattering sub-basses fight with dripping wet synths; groovin' electro mash-ups jostle with speaker busting fx, all recorded, mixed and mastered in industry standard 24-bit format.

Conveniently grouped and REXed into 125bpm, 130bpm, 135bpm and 140bpm folders, the buck doesn't stop with the loops.

Breakbusters also includes a huge selection of fx, textures, vinyl scratches, hat loops, hot bump'n'grind vocals and five folders of the illest drum hits.

Nail down your furniture, insure your ears and prepare your woofers... for Breakbusters.

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This product was released on 11 Jun 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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