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Garritan Stradivary Solo Violin 2

Garritan Stradivary Solo Violin 2
Product Type: Kontakt format

Garritan Stradivary Solo Violin 2 [Kontakt]

Stradivari Solo Violin 2.0 is the latest version of the award winning virtual solo violin software created by an Italian team in collaboration with Garritan.

Stradivari Solo Violin 2.0 integrates the Native Instrument Kontakt 2  sample player. Other new features include new samples with a "Lyrical"  instrument, for a fuller, sweeter and more dramatic tone, in addition to a  "Classic" instrument, so there are two violin instruments to choose from. 

Performance and stability are improved with reduced CPU demands. There is  improved legato and note transitions, new bow change features, sustain  pizzicato and other features in this new version.

The Stradivari Solo Violin 2.0 is a technological breakthrough in virtual  instrumentation and changes the rules of sampling. It's a true musical  instrument designed to be played expressively, in real time. This instrument  allows the user to play beautifully expressive and believable sound that can  be PLAYED and PERFORMED as music, in real-time, rather than put together like 
a jigsaw puzzle or tweaked after the fact. Stradivari is a name synonymous  with quality. The Stravidivai violin is regarded by experts as the best violin ever made  and a genuine Stravidivai violin is worth millions. An instrument of this distinction required a unique way to faithfully capture and recreate its sound quality and playability. "Sonic Morphing" technologies provided the answer. Morphing describes what can be seen in motion pictures where there is a gradual transformation from one image into another. This basic concept has been applied to sound samples allowing sound samples to morph into each other  seamlessly.

With the Stradivari Solo Violin 2.0, using exclusive "harmonic alignment" technology (patent-pending & developed by Giorgio Tommasini), you can seamlessly morph between different dynamics and hear authentic timbre changes as notes become louder or softer. Sophisticated modal resonance technology uses instrument body impulses and allows you to control the onset, intensity and rate of vibrato, impart portamento and much more. In addition, with the powerful AI midi processor you can change or create articulations in real time, change the type of attack or bow direction, impart legato, play trills & tremolo and have an infinite variety of playing possibilities at your fingertips. All this in real time!

The result of these technologies is extraordinary levels of realism, expressiveness and virtusosic performance capabilities in a way that preserves the natural characteristics of the Stradivari Violin. This instrument leaps to life beneath your fingertips! The rules of sampling have been rewritten with this new software instrument.

You may also find more information about this product here.

You may buy Garritan Stradivary Solo Violin 2 or download it from our website.
This product was released on 31 May 2010. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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