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Nexus 2 Expansion - HandsUp-Electro Bass Vol.2

Nexus 2 Expansion - HandsUp-Electro Bass Vol.2
Product Type: VST Instruments

ReFX Nexus 2 Expansion - HandsUp-Electro Bass Vol.2

More than 150 presets supply producers with everything they need in the dance/electro scene.

The latest trends in the clubs - Manuel Schleis (Spencer & Hill etc.), the expert of Dance music, demonstrates his impressive skills once again.

AR Atomizer
AR Freak Out
AR Hammer Arp
AR Its no Phaser
AR Love Guru
AR Magneto
AR Menace Arps 1
AR Menace Arps 2
AR Menace Arps 3
AR Menace Arps 4
AR Panic Horns
AR Phreak
AR Pitch Bitch
AR Punchcrunch
AR Random Carpet
AR Randomizer
AR RnBizer
AR Roman Wing
AR Shizznik
AR Sickbay
AR Skreeeeem
AR The Blade
AR The Flugel
AR The SpencerHill Line
AR Tipdance
AR Warpspeed 10
BA 3-Stortion
BA At Night
BA Blastamasta
BA Bofors
BA Broadfuzzy
BA Bunch of Squares
BA Buzzbass
BA Carey 7th soft
BA Carey 7th wide
BA Casc Evacuate Bass
BA Comb Attack
BA Crazy Dab 1
BA Crazy Dab 2
BA Crazy Motorcycle
BA Crushed Dope
BA DadaChord
BA Darbukabass 1
BA Darbukabass 2
BA Default TribassSub
BA Doper Bass
BA Downwards
BA Electrorchestra
BA Fat Moog Stack
BA FM Hardbass
BA FM Minimal Jungle
BA Gladius
BA Happyware
BA Harsh Marsh
BA Kim Sozzi Bass
BA Liberation
BA Liquido
BA Lizzybass
BA Massmann Bass
BA Maus Side Chords
BA Minimalistix
BA Myers Bass
BA Neo Punk
BA Nu Italo Simple Tuba
BA Nu Italobass 1
BA Nu Italobass 2
BA Nu Italobass 3
BA Nu Italobass 4
BA NuCrazyStyle 1
BA NuCrazyStyle 2
BA Off Shock
BA Old Tekhit
BA Pitched Amp
BA PitchMars
BA Pryda PWM Bass
BA Roland Modular
BA RoyBassline
BA Screamaaaa
BA Septus Romanus
BA Sharoozbass
BA Shnapper
BA Show Me Love
BA Shroookers
BA Skreeeem Single
BA SQ Juno
BA Sweet Spot
BA Terror
BA The Big Fuzz
BA The Cheese Style
BA The Fat Phat
BA TigaBassline
BA Tobey Darell
BA Trash Trash Trash
BA Trumpet of Madness
BA Underdog
BA V-Square 1
BA V-Square 2
BA Very Hard Attack
BA Vintage Punch
BA Warm and Direct
BA Wiggle It
BA Wild Whip
BA Woodpecker
BA X-Plane
BA Xenomorph
BA Yhaaay
FX Computercrash
FX Eco Fart
FX Saw Ramp
LD Gaga Square
OR Organic Dancer
PL Crazy Style 2
PL Crazy Sylva
PL FM Mutepick
PL Manscorpion
PL Minimalsau
PL Stakocor
SQ Bushmen
SQ Cheese Everywhere
SQ Chevalier
SQ Chique
SQ Comsecom
SQ Dare Dell Groove
SQ Disco Craze
SQ Electric Salsa
SQ Epic Electro Hymn
SQ Eurythmos Bridge
SQ Eurythmos Hook
SQ Jakuzi
SQ Maus Side Chords
SQ Modwheel Euphoria
SQ Mr Garage
SQ Oktoberfest!
SQ Pizza Italiano
SQ Psychopath
SQ RnBizer Beat
SQ Robin Rio
SQ Sinegroover
SQ Tubabeat
SQ Wacky!
SY Hammer and Anvil
SY Kotobass
SY Not Trance
SY Saugnapf
SY The Crazechord
TG Afrojack Organ
TG Bitchop
TG Cameocrush
TG Icy Add


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You may buy Nexus 2 Expansion - HandsUp-Electro Bass Vol.2 or download it from our website.
This product was released on 09 Aug 2010. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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