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Angelic Keys

Angelic Keys
Product Type: Kontakt format

Orange Tree Angelic Keys [DVD / Kontakt]


Angelic Keys captures the heavenly tone of a 53-key spinet harpsichord, also known as a virginal. The spinet harpsichord has a much quieter sound than a full-size harpsichord. Its pureness of tone is due to the fact that each key plucks a single string rather than unisons (multiple strings tuned to the same pitch to increase the instrument's volume). Because of its quieter tone, the spinet harpsichord also lends itself to smaller ensembles and makes it easier to blend in your mix. We've included the close and far mic positions as separate signals so that you can customize the sound of the instrument. For added realism, we made sure to preserve all the resonance and every buzz in the releases to recreate the true character of a spinet harpsichord. Whether you're writing 18th century classical music or hipster singer-songwriter tunes, Angelic Keys will make a great addition to your sound palette--and at a price that won't make you go baroque!


  • 1.8 GB (uncompressed) of 24-bit, 48 khz samples
  • Blend together separate close and far stereo mic signals for your own mix.
  • Traditional "as is" as well as chromatic key mapping layouts.
  • Equal temperament and just intonation and any amount in between these two tunings.
  • 2x round-robin and duration-dependent release samples
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You may buy Angelic Keys or download it from our website.
This product was released on 09 Jun 2014. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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