Stillwell Audio All Plugins Bundle v3.0.0

Stillwell Audio All Plugins Bundle v3.0.0

Stillwell Audio All Plugins Bundle v3.0.0 [PC / MAC Versions]

This bundle contains all Stillwell plug-ins.

Two years in the making, Version 3 means it's finally time for
Pro Tools users to experience the quality of everything we do at Stillwell Audio, and to enjoy the way we do it. Do you use a VST3 host? Ask no more, because now we've got you covered as well.

Olga Synthesizer

Virtual analog synthesizer unlike any other, designed from first principles to be distinctive.

Event Horizon Peak-Eating Limiter

Soft-clipping for VERY transparent loudness increases. No pumping, transient or frequency artifacts whatsoever.

Bad Buss Mojo Mix Buss Amplifier

Your complete non-linearity toolkit - from smooth transformer to rich and valve-like.

schOPE Multi-signal Analysis

Compare and contrast by waveform, frequency or phase. Inspect with freeze, zoom and scrub.

Sculpto Graphic Dynamic Control

Waveform reshaping tool allowing powerful direct control over the dynamics of any audio.

Spectro Spectral Editor

Powerful and non-destructive real-time spectral editing without leaving your host application.

Transient Monster

Total gain-independent control of the transient and sustain elements of drums, bass, guitars and all things spiky.

CMX Stereo Microshifter

Thickening with delay and exceptionally high quality pitch shift. Retire your big eighties rack today...

TinMan Intelligent Resonator

Intelligent resonant filters driven by real-time polyphonic pitch detection. Try it on ..anything. Everything. Do it now...

Oligarc Extraordinary Effects Suite

Filter, chorus, phaser and drive for the creative at heart. Unique in sound, flexible in execution.

Major Tom Compressor

Glorious and creative compression with adaptive attack and release - from smooth to snarling!

Oligarc Filter analog ladder filter

The sophisticated emulation of a classic analog ladder filter taken from Olga and Oligarc.

Verbiage Algorithmic Reverb

Extremely controllable and flexible algorithmic stereo reverb with integrated gate.

Dyno Envelope Editor

Graphic threshold-driven dynamic envelope editor.

Bitter Bitscope & Intersample Clip Monitor

Intersample clipping detection, bit tree display and sample rate indication for your cost-free enjoyment.

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This product was released on 09 Jul 2014. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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