Credland Audio BigKick v1.5.2

Credland Audio BigKick v1.5.2

Credland Audio BigKick v1.5.2 [PC / MAC versions]

Big Kick - the professional’s kick drum synthesiser for electronic and pop.

  • Great bottom-end: design a drum that fits perfectly with your bass.
  • Quick and frustration-free: cut out hours of hunting through samples.
  • Reuse your existing drum sample library.
  • Incredibly useful instant drag-and-drop sample export.
  • No complex envelopes to set, just sensible knobs for instant results.


  • Kick drum synthesis – can replicate the majority of today’s and yesterday’s kick sounds*
  • Factory library includes >300 attack types and 110 presets
  • Tuned kick drums
  • Easily integrates with your existing sample libraries
  • Easier to use than any previous kick drum design tool
  • Drag-and-drop sample creation
  • Auto-play mode for instant start and jamming
  • Overdrive
  • High pass filter (again, phase shift free): avoid nasty surprises in the bottom end.

* If you find a common style of kick drum it can’t replicate, send us a sample. We will fix it in the next version.
Preset Designers

Audialize, Cutline, Daniel Daly, D-Product, Freemasons, Jamie Anderson, Jim Credland, John Lead, Kris O’Neil, Niche Audio, Rasmus Faber and Timo Garcia.  With some extra input from Nick Sentience (Nick – preset 75 is for you!). Thank you all!

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You may buy Credland Audio BigKick v1.5.2 or download it from our website.
This product was released on 01 Oct 2014. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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