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CAPSUN Chill Trap and Future Bass [DVD]

CAPSUN Chill Trap and Future Bass [DVD]
Product Type: Multiformat

Loopmasters CAPSUN Chill Trap and Future Bass [DVD / Multiformat]

About Library

CAPSUN returns to Loopmasters for a brand new instalment in his bestselling ‘Trap’ series and the follow up to the No.1 bestselling sample pack CAPSUN - Chill Trap & Future RnB. With a huge number of producers adopting the pack as their go to for Trap & Future Bass production, it has inspired countless tracks from the biggest names in cutting edge electronic music to Grammy award winning song writers. So it’s only right he made this pack even bigger and better…

CAPSUN - Chill Trap & Future Bass follows the natural progression of his sound and the scene into the experimental and hugely popular ‘future’ music sound, taking in every aspect of the key sub genres that create the style along the way. A huge 1.6 GB sound library of the highest quality loops and one shot sounds including Complex Filtered Chord Progressions, CAPSUN’s signature Twisted & Cloudy Vocals, deep 808 Sub Bass, funk inspired Keys and Mono Synth Solos, newly crafted hard hitting Trap style Drum Loops & One Shots , 8bit Arps and Blissed Out Strings and Pads. All loops have been recorded at 120, 140 and 160 BPM.

The creation of the collection featured everything from vintage analogue synths, toy synths, noise generators, classic drum machines, live instrumentation and session recording, all new original vocal cuts, guitar pedals, cassette, tape and vinyl plus the newest and shiniest of in the box processing. CAPSUN has gone all out to create the broadest possible sound palette to inspire a new and fresh take on the Chill Trap & Future Bass sound.

Exclusive to this series, his ‘Sampled & Chopped’ loops concept has been extended for this pack, involving recording and producing classic sounding RnB and Soul hooks from scratch. These were then re-sampled, chopped and manipulated using the vintage sound of the MPC60 & SP1200 to create high quality, royalty free chops and licks to add the perfect touch of nostalgia to your production.

In Detail expect to find 1.61 GB of 24 Bit 44.1 kHz loops and one shot samples including 21 808 Bass loops, 21 Synth Bass Loops, 21 Arp Loops, 56 Atmos & FX Loops, 21 Keys Loops, 12 Synth Loops, 60 Music Loops, 21 Pad Loops, 15 Percussion Loops, 11 String Loops, 21 Vox Loops, 10 Snare Rolls, 5 Drum Loops with variations and separate stems of each part, 22 Melodic Chop Kit Loops, 8 808 Bass Shots, 30 Synth Hits, 20 Arp Sounds, 80 Chop Kit Slices, 14 Chord Samples, 80 Drum One Shots, 10 Atmos Hits, 21 FX Drum Sounds, 6 Glitch Noises, 8 Machine Sounds, 10 Music FX, 10 SCi-Fi Sounds, 10 Impact Hits, 72 Music Shots, 21 Pads, 38 Perc Hits, 14 String Sounds, 58 Vocal Hits, 420 Rex2 Files and 236 Soft Sampler Patches

Producers inspired by artists and labels such as Flume, Ganz, Rustie, Lido, Soulection, Cashmere Cat, Mr. Carmack, Wave Racer, Jack U, Hudson Mohwake, Daktyl, Sam Gellaitry, Purity Ring, SevnthWonder, Future Beats Records, Team Supreme, Ta-Ku and Troyboi will find a true representation of the sound they all share so check out the demos and get ready to sample CAPSUN - Chill Trap & Future Bass today!

Features and Sounds

  • 1.61 GB
  • 24Bit 44.1kHz
  • 21 808 Bass loops
  • 21 Synth Bass Loops
  • 21 Arp Loops
  • 56 Atmos & FX Loops
  • 21 Keys Loops
  • 12 Synth Loops
  • 60 Music Loops
  • 21 Pad Loops
  • 15 Percussion Loops
  • 11 String Loops
  • 21 Vox Loops
  • 10 Snare Rolls
  • 5 Drum Loops with variations and seperate stems of each part
  • 22 Melodic Chop Kit Loops
  • 8 808 Bass Shots
  • 30 Synth Hits
  • 20 Arp Sounds
  • 80 Chop Kit Slices
  • 14 Chord Samples
  • 80 Drum One Shots
  • 10 Atmos Hits
  • 21 FX Drum Sounds
  • 6 Glitch Noises
  • 8 Machine Sounds
  • 10 Music FX
  • 10 SCi-Fi Sounds
  • 10 Impact Hits
  • 72 Music Shots
  • 21 Pads
  • 38 Perc Hits
  • 14 String Sounds
  • 58 Vocal Hits
  • 420 Rex2 Files
  • 236 Soft Sampler Patches


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You may buy CAPSUN Chill Trap and Future Bass [DVD] or download it from our website.
This product was released on 24 Aug 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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