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Raw Voltage Maschine Expansion

Raw Voltage Maschine Expansion
Product Type: VST Instruments

Native Instruments Maschine Expansion Raw Voltage

Pure Analog Power

  • Sampled from customized hardware
  • Rich, organic sound character
  • Contains kits, instruments and patterns


Add some pure charge to your sounds – RAW VOLTAGE is the unmistakable sound of a huge modular system. From noisy and distorted to cool and clinical, this MASCHINE Expansion is packed full of kits, instruments and patterns sharing the unmistakable sound character of rich and organic analog synthesis.

RAW VOLTAGE adds pure analog energy to your tracks or your performances – straight from MASCHINE. The unique sound of analog synthesis is an essential part of the modern musical landscape, from electronica, hip-hop, techno, to any other popular or experimental music.


Grainy, noisy and in-your-face – this Expansion includes a wealth of drum and percussion sounds which are characterized by their punchy nature – from the thud of the kicks to the crunch of the snares and claps. Also included are sampled analog basses, alien leads, crystalline pads and keys, plus atmospheric soundscapes and plenty of distinctive effects sounds.


Sampled from customized hardware gear, RAW VOLTAGE has a wide sonic scope. Use the included sounds as-is or be even more creative and tweak and manipulate the raw material via MASCHINE’s FX.

Each kit is complemented by instantly editable patterns. There are over 140 patterns in total, from broken, jagged rhythms to pulsing, steady beats – an impressive source of inspiration.


All these exceptional sounds stem from unique custom modular system, owned and operated by synthesis expert Roger Grønberg (Frodebeats), from Norway.

The system includes modules from Modcan, MOTM, Oakley, CGS, STG, Encore, Buchla plus many unique custom and DIY modules, as well as analog synthesizers like Arp Odyssey/2600 and Korg MiniKorg 700s.

Using complex synthesis techniques, all sound shaping took place completely within the synthesis process. The only additions were some added multiple analog delay lines, plus occasional spring or digital reverb. As a result, most of the sounds are raw and ready for your own processing and effects ideas.


"The Raw Voltage expansion pack is the perfect marriage of analog and digital technologies. Maschine now has a modular heartbeat."
Matthew Dear (Ghostly International - New York)

"A wonderfully varied collection of solid, usable, high-quality sounds. This pack is a welcome addition to the sounds I've collected and created."
dBridge (Exit Records, Reinforced, Hotflush - London)

"Love the new expansion. Awesome direction for an already awesome instrument. Great alternative to lugging our fragile vintage synths to gigs."
Populette (Throne of Blood - Brooklyn, New York)


Full MASCHINE projects: 10
Drum kits: 44
Special FX kits: 1
Instruments/Sounds: 38
Download size: 355 MB (unzipped 450 MB)
System requirements: MASCHINE STUDIO / MASCHINE / MASCHINE MIKRO 1.7 or higher


You may also find more information about this product here.

You may buy Raw Voltage Maschine Expansion or download it from our website.
This product was released on 26 Nov 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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