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EZkeys Studio Grand v1.0.0

EZkeys Studio Grand v1.0.0
Product Type: VST Instruments

Toontrack EZkeys Studio Grand v1.0.0 [PC / MAC]


The Steinway & Sons B-211, widely considered the “perfect piano” and the number one choice for professional studio work.

The Studio Grand sound library features a carefully sampled Steinway & Sons B-211 grand piano. With its balanced timbre and versatile range of use, this specific instrument is commonly referred to as the “perfect piano” and often the premier choice for professional studio work. All this combined with the creative framework of EZkeys will give you not only the sound of one of the world’s finest pianos – it even comes with tools to help you create and write great music.

EZkeys Studio Grand contains the same software, functionality and extensive MIDI library as the other EZkeys titles.


  • Each EZkeys contains the same software including all functionality as well as the extensive standard MIDI library.
  • Each EZkeys comes loaded with an individual sound library.
  • Customers that already own one EZkeys can go straight for any other and get a discounted price. All your EZkeys sound libraries will be accessible through the same instance of EZkeys.

EZkeys Studio Grand – Improvisation by Rikard From

We asked longtime Toontrack collaborator Rikard From to play whatever came to mind after hearing the sounds of the EZkeys Studio Grand.


The included signal chain presets are based on high quality effects from Overloud. Effects used range from reverb to tape simulation and distortion. You can adjust each preset by using a set of controls that will affect the individual parameters.

• Standard
The default preset maintains the natural tone of this instrument. Shape further by using the controls for EQ and reverb.

• Raw Tweaks
A true bypass preset that represents what the piano sounded like from the raw recording.

• Grand Rock
Shaped to cut trough in your mix while still maintaining the natural piano character. Good for use in anything from big rock songs to subtle ballads. Controls for EQ, compression, reverb and detuning.

• Mellow Chorus
A nice allround setting that is usable for ballads, rock or solo performances.

• Warm and Saturated
A deep, warm sounding setting with a tape feed knob that lets you adjust the amount of tape saturation. The reverb used in this preset is a plate.

• L.A. Studio
A brighter mid-scooped setting with a pronounced attack. You’ll be able to tweak the amount of EQ, reverb and chorus.

• Boogie Room
Clear and distinct. Works equally well for solo performances as for cutting through in a mix.

• Dusty
Here we go back a few decades to a dusty blues or jazz club. The default setting is mono. A tape hiss knob completes the full vintage experience.

• In the Big Hall
This preset features a hall reverb that is adjustable from subtle to huge. Sculpt the tone from big to small or bright to mellow by using the body and brightness controls.

• Space Noir
This creative FX preset features vibrato and delay.

• Atmos
In this setting, the shaping is done by blending in an octave effect. Together with the big reverb and the stereo enhancer, you can shape this sound way beyond the original tone of the piano.

• Wasteland
A delay and an inverse reverb are the corner stone of this preset. Controls for delay amount, delay time, reverb and EQ can create spacey and surreal sounds.

EZkeys – Sound Library Overview

  • A carefully sampled Steinway & Sons B-211
  • Recorded at OAL Studio, Sweden, using only the best of the best in modern and vintage equipment
  • All sounds are designed to be mix-ready. Just pick a preset and the sound will sit right in your mix!
  • Uncompromising dynamic response for great playability
  • Includes Sympathetic Resonance based on real samples


You may also find more information about this product here.

You may buy EZkeys Studio Grand v1.0.0 or download it from our website.
This product was released on 17 Dec 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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