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ADSR Sounds Multiband Compression Explained

ADSR Sounds Multiband Compression Explained

ADSR Sounds Multiband Compression Explained [Tutorial]

Multiband Compression for Music Producers

In this tutorial course, Echo Sound Works will show you how to use one of the most underrated mixing tools, the multiband compressor.

From the basics of what multiband compression is, when to use multiband compression and of course, how to apply multiband compression creatively. You’ll learn all you need to know to make working frequency crossover bands second nature.

Explore the theory behind the techniques, discover effective plugins and improve your workflow. Avoid common pitfalls and get plenty of practical walkthrough examples with professional tips and tricks for applying multiband compression on bass, drums and other instruments.

Want To Learn How To Lift The Levels Of Your Music And Make More Dynamic Tracks? Pick Up Practical, Professional Techniques Today!

Your Fast Track To A More Professional Sounding Mix

Discover why skilled Mastering artists swear by these techniques, learn the tricks of the trade and avoid common mistakes of the inexperienced producer.

Foundations of Multiband Compression

PART 1 – Introduction - This video is just a quick introduction to the course and lays out its contents.

PART 2 – Multiband Compression Basics - This video covers everything you need to know about just what multi band compression is and how to use it. You will get to see a quick overview of three popular multi band compressors in action (Waves C4, FabFilter MB and Logic’s very own Multipressor)

Multiband Compression – Practical Tools & Techniques

PART 3 – Multiband Compression on Kicks - Using MB Compression on a kick is a great way to have total control over how it sits in the mix. Especially if you’re using a kick sample. You will learn how to isolate each distinct element of any kick drum and mix it accordingly.

PART 4 – Multiband Compression on Bass - Another great way to clean up the low end of any mix is to use MB compression. Learn how in this video.

PART 5 – Drum Groups - This video will cover how to use MB Compression to get the most out of your drum group or buss. Try these techniques next time instead of using a basic compressor.

PART 6 – Instruments - This video covers the types of instruments that can benefit from using MB Compression.

PART 7 – Summary - A recap and discussion that brings everything together.

Course Features

  • Over 1 hour of expert instruction broken down into 7 detailed videos
  • Shows you the basics as well as real world situations of how to use multiband compression to help clean up elements of the mix including kicks, basses and other instruments
  • Get up to speed fast with useable tips and techniques!
  • Accessible for both newcomers & experienced producers

About Your Tutor

Echo Sound Works is a sound designer and music producer and one of ADSR’s lead tutors. He is the creator of countless best selling sound sets including Massive Beast Melbourne Anthems, EDM Drops V.1 and Future EDM. He has produced music in multiple genres including EDM, singer songwriter and pop ands had his music placed everywhere from VH1 and MTV to ABC Family and Lionsgate.

Professional instruction from a working producer. It’s like having your own private tutor!



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This product was released on 01 Jan 2016. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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