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Freaky Loops Build-Up and Breakdown Collection [2 DVD]

Freaky Loops Build-Up and Breakdown Collection [2 DVD]
Product Type: WAV Samples

Freaky Loops Build-Up and Breakdown Collection [2 DVD]

About Samples Library

“Build-Up & Breakdown Collection” includes a total of 2754 loops and samples. Including an Insane amount of mixed drum fills, snares fills, clap fills, vocal fills, tension-builders, up/down lifters, impact hits, booms, drones, atmospheres, swooshes, rises, impacts and layered fx.. It's all here!

This HUGE pack contains over 8.61 GB includes 2754 / 24 bit loops and samples. From deep booms and high sweeteners, to huge hits and epic crashes, simple white noise risers to explosive drops, chest-thumping impacts to crazy driven snare fills, funky fills to chunky tech fills, complex electro drum-builds to slumming EDM snare rolls, FX processed grooves to classic live drums - it' s got everything you need! You get a huge variety - everything you could look for.. In addition, you will find ambiences, impacts, cymbals and up/down-lifters for creation of breaks in different variations. Included professional Drum, Fx, Vocal and Melody-Fills all sorted in lengths (2Bars, 4Bars, 8Bars, 16Bars etc...)  and key - it makes it easier, faster to use! Great bunch of melodic and combi fills which are full of effects with musical bits as well.. Perfect for an epic breakdown, to fill empty space, to get experimental or just to add the last missing ingredient to the mix.

With this collection you'll have all Freaky Loops current Fills and Drops packs at an unbeatable price. Check out the Full title releases here for more information on the individual titles,

  1. Ultimate Fills & Drops Vol 1
  2. Ultimate Fills & Drops Vol 2
  3. Ultimate Fills & Drops Vol 3
  4. Ultimate Fills & Drops Vol 4
  5. Ultimate Drum Fills Vol 1
  6. Ultimate Drum Fills Vol 2

In detail ‘Build-Up & Breakdown Collection’ includes 1673 Build-ups and 1081 Breakdowns. Breakdowns are foldered as 50 Atmosphere, 20 Bass Drops, 90 Breakdown Fx Loops, 10 Breakdown Melodies, 54 Breakdown Pads, 105 Crash Fx, 173 Downshifters, 203 Impacts, 75 Misc Fx, 40 Noise Downs, 120 Reverb Kicks, 10 Sub Drops, 63 Textures, 18 Tonal Downshifters and 50 Tonal Drops. Buildups are foldered as 55 Clap Fills, 82 Combi Fills, 10 Complex Fills, 20 Cymbal Fills, 166 Drum & Fx Fills, 135 Fx Fills, 10 Kick & Snare Fills, 16 Kick Fills, 100 Melody Fills, 40 Noise Ups, 20 Percussion Fills, 35 Reverse Cymbals, 122 Reverses, 300 Short Fills (contains 76 Acoustic Fills, 15 Complex Fills, 168 Electronic Fills, 31 Fx Processed Fills and 10 Glitched Fills) 180 Snare Fills, 35 Sweeps, 21 Synth Fills, 30 Tonal Risers, 19 Tonal Uplifters, 223 Uplifters, 39 Vocal Fills and 15 Vocal Reverses. All Fills are in 128 BPM and worked out to the smallest details to allow you the ability to directly insert them into your tracks.

This Mega collection has got you covered with many different styles! Great for EDM - whether you are making big-room, main-room, electro, progressive, house, deep-house, techno, minimal or other forms of electronic music and also suitable for film-score composer and post-production engineer, make sure to check it out - An excellent tool to add some power to your drops..

Don’t miss your chance to get this all-inclusive package - Grab it today!

Please Note: “Build-Up & Breakdown Collection” contains almost 9 GB of previously released Freaky Loops sample packs.  Please ensure you have a good and stable internet connection when downloading this huge collection.


    24 Bit Quality
    2754 Loops & Samples
    1081 Breakdowns
    1673 Build-ups
    050 Atmosphere
    020 Bass Drops
    090 Breakdown Fx Loops
    010 Breakdown Melodies
    054 Breakdown Pads
    105 Crash Fx
    173 Downshifters
    203 Impacts
    075 Misc Fx
    040 Noise Downs
    120 Reverb Kicks
    010 Sub Drops
    063 Textures
    018 Tonal Downshifters
    050 Tonal Drops
    055 Clap Fills
    082 Combi Fills
    010 Complex Fills
    020 Cymbal Fills
    166 Drum & Fx Fills
    135 Fx Fills
    010 Kick & Snare Fills
    016 Kick Fills
    100 Melody Fills
    040 Noise Ups
    020 Percussion Fills
    035 Reverse Cymbals
    122 Reverses
    300 Short Fills
    076 Acoustic Fills
    015 Complex Fills
    168 Electronic Fills
    031 Fx Processed Fills
    010 Glitched Fills
    180 Snare Fills
    035 Sweeps
    021 Synth Fills
    030 Tonal Risers
    019 Tonal Uplifters
    223 Uplifters
    039 Vocal Fills
    015 Vocal Reverses


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You may buy Freaky Loops Build-Up and Breakdown Collection [2 DVD] or download it from our website.
This product was released on 02 Jan 2016. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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