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Roland Sound Canvas VA v1.0.0

Roland Sound Canvas VA v1.0.0
Product Type: VST Instruments

Roland Sound Canvas VA v1.0.0 [PC / MAC]

The Legendary Sound Canvas, Reborn as a DAW Plug-In for Windows and Mac.

First introduced in 1991, the Roland Sound Canvas series has long been the de-facto standard in GS sound modules. With the Sound Canvas VA, you can now use this classic sound source with your DAW music productions as a VSTi or AU plug-in. It comes with over 1,600 high-quality sounds, plus 64 different insert effects, global effects like reverb and EQ, and extensive sound editing capabilities. Also included are sound maps to perfectly play MIDI music files created on the SC-88 Pro and other hardware Sound Canvas sound modules. Combining classic sounds with current technology, the Sound Canvas VA is the modern evolution of a long-running benchmark.


  • GS-compatible virtual instrument plug-in with support for Windows and Mac
  • Includes 1,600 high-quality sounds and 63 drum kits that cover nearly every musical genre
  • Each plug-in instance supports 16 parts and up to 64 notes of polyphony
  • Tone Editor and Effect Editor functions enable you to fine-tune sounds in great detail
  • Supports host DAW automation for a variety of parameters

The Gold Standard in GS Sound Modules

Based on the Roland SC-series hardware modules, the Sound Canvas VA is a GS-compatible software synth with support for VSTi (Windows and Mac) and AU (Mac) plug-in formats. Included are 1,600 popular sounds and 63 drum sets that are ready to play, and a single plug-in instance supports 16 parts with up to 64 notes of polyphony. Multiple instances can be used, with the only limit being your computer’s processing power. The plug-in also comes with SC-8820, SC-88 Pro, SC-88, and SC-55 sound maps, allowing you to replay files that were originally created with those Sound Canvas hardware modules.*

* The Sound Canvas VA is not designed to play Standard MIDI Files (SMF). Depending on the data in your music files and how it’s processed with the host application, the mix balance, tone, and timing may vary slightly from the sound of the original hardware.

Tone Editor for Customizing Sounds

Included with the Sound Canvas VA is a powerful Tone Editor for adjusting sounds in fine detail. The graphical interface makes it simple to create original tones using filters, envelopes, and numerous GS sound parameters. You can also store the sounds you create and quickly load favorites from your custom library when you begin a new project.

A Wide Selection of Built-In Effects

To enhance your sounds, the Sound Canvas VA comes with 64 types of insert effects, plus global reverb, chorus, delay, and EQ. With the Effect Editor, you can easily adjust them all via an intuitive interface. Many effects parameters support automation through your DAW, and it’s possible to save and recall effects settings in your projects. Each plug-in supports one insert effect , and you can open multiple plug-in instances to use additional insert effects on different tracks as needed.


Depending on your host application, system exclusive messages contained in MIDI tracks might not be supported with VSTi or AU plug-ins.

The Sound Canvas VA plug-in must initialize its parameters and read various settings when it loads, and this may take about 15 seconds for each plug-in instance. For example, if you’re using four Sound Canvas VA plug-in instances in a project, it may take approximately one minute to load all the plug-ins when you open the file (four plug-ins at 15 seconds each). The actual times may vary depending on your computer’s performance and setup.

Sound Generator Tech Specs

  • Number of parts: 16 parts
  • Maximum Polyphony: 64 voices
  • MIDI Format: Conforms to GS, GM2, GM
  • Sound Maps: 4 types (SC-8820, SC-88Pro, SC-88, SC-55)
  • Preset Instruments: 1,600 tones
  • Drum sound sets: 63 drum sets
  • Effects: Reverb (8 types), Chorus (8 types), Delay (10 types), 2 Band Equalizer, Insertion Effect (64 types)
  • Plug-In Formats: VSTi 2.4 (32 bits, 64 bits), AU
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You may buy Roland Sound Canvas VA v1.0.0 or download it from our website.
This product was released on 03 Jan 2016. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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