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Avid Eleven 12

Avid Eleven 12
Product Type: VST Plug-ins

Avid Eleven v12.0.86530 [x64 / AAX] [Windows Only]


Get access to the sounds of the world's greatest guitar and bass amps—without the upkeep or expense. Going past Eleven, the new Eleven MK II plug-in gives you even more amps (33 total!), more speaker cabinets (more than double), and more ways to get the tones you've dreamed of. All for the same low price. And if you've already got Eleven, Eleven LE or the Eleven/Eleven LE bundle in your iLok account, get all of the new amps, cabs, and mics by upgrading to MK II for just $99.

Developed using an innovative amp modeling technique, Eleven MK II gives you instant access to an amazing collection of sought-after sounds based on classic Fender®, VOX®, Marshall®, Ampeg, Bogner, Mesa/Boogie®, and Soldano amplifiers.* Simply call up a preset to immediately re-create a hit-making guitar tone. Or design your own signature sound by mixing and matching amps, speaker cabinets, and mic models—all captured at their best in a world-class studio.


  • Create highly realistic mic’d guitar and bass amp/cabinet sounds within your Pro Tools, Media Composer, or VENUE system
  • Choose from a must-have collection of vintage and modern amp, cabinet, and mic models to create your own signature tone, or use the customizable presets to instantly re-create a classic sound
  • Access your favorite custom rigs quickly by setting an amp to link with your preferred cab
  • Route pre-cabinet amp signals to an Aux track (via Aux Output Stem output) for more tonal flexibility, including setting up multi-cabinet rigs
  • Use the speaker cabinet models standalone for sound design and other processing with the Eleven MK II Cabinet plug-in
  • Crank up the perfect tone instantly for any music genre with tons of new presets
  • Achieve multi-dimensional guitar tones complete with power amp sag, ghost notes, cabinet resonance, and enhanced speaker cone breakup
  • Get the sound and feel of playing through classic tube amps thanks to an innovative amp cloning technique, which emulates each component to behave like its hardware counterpart
  • Create incredibly rich tones with the convolution-based speaker cabinet and mic models, which offer on- and off-axis mic positions for more tone-tweaking flexibility
  • Get great sound at all supported sample rates, including 96 kHz, 88.2 kHz, 48 kHz, and 44.1 kHz


Guitar amp models

Get the sounds of original vintage and modern guitar amps with these emulations, plus a collection of Avid-created custom amps (get details about all amps here):

  1. ’59 Fender® Bassman®
  2. ’59 Fender® Tweed Deluxe
  3. ’64 Fender® Black Face Deluxe Reverb® Normal Channel
  4. ’64 Fender® Black Face Deluxe Reverb® Vibrato Channel
  5. ’64 Fender® Vibroverb
  6. ’65 Fender® Champ
  7. ’65 Marshall® JTM45
  8. ’66 VOX® AC30 Top Boost
  9. ’67 Fender® Black Face Twin Reverb®
  10. ’67 Marshall® Super Lead "Plexi" with Variac mod
  11. ’68 Marshall® 50 Watt Super Lead Head
  12. ’69 Ampeg SVT Bass Head
  13. ’69 Marshall® 1959 100 Watt Super Lead Plexiglas Head
  14. ’82 Marshall® JCM800 2203 100-Watt Head
  15. ’85 Mesa/Boogie® Mark IIc+ Drive Channel
  16. ’89 Soldano SLO100 Super Lead Overdrive Head Clean Channel
  17. ’89 Soldano SLO100 Super Lead Overdrive Head Crunch Channel
  18. ’89 Soldano SLO100 Super Lead Overdrive Head Overdrive Channel
  19. ’92 Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier® Head Vintage Channel
  20. ’92 Mesa/Boogie® Dual Rectifier® Head Modern Channel
  21. ’97 Bogner Ecstasy 101B head
  22. Custom Bass
  23. Custom Modern 800
  24. Custom Modern Clean
  25. Custom Modern Overdrive
  26. Custom Modern SOD
  27. Custom Vintage Clean
  28. Custom Vintage Crunch
  29. Custom Vintage OD

Speaker cabinet models

Mix and match speaker cabinets with your amps using a collection of cabinet models based on the following originals:

  1. ’59 Fender® Bassman® 4x10” with Jensen P10Qs
  2. ’59 Fender® Tweed Deluxe 1x12” with Jensen P12Q
  3. ’64 Fender® Black Face Deluxe Reverb® 1x12” with Jensen P12N
  4. ’66 VOX® AC30 2x12” with Celestion Alnico Blues
  5. ’67 Fender® Black Face Twin Reverb® 2x12” with Jensen C12Ns
  6. ’68 Marshall® 1960A with Celestion G12H “Greenbacks”
  7. ’06 Marshall® 1960AV 4x12” with Celestion Vintage 30s
  8. Ampeg Reverberocket 1x15” with Jensen C15N speaker
  9. Ampeg SVT 8x10” with "towel bar"
  10. Bogner 2x12” with Celestion Vintage 30 speakers
  11. Fender® 1x8” Champ combo amp speaker
  12. Fender® Super Reverb 4x10” with CTA Alnico speakers
  13. Marshall® 4x12” with Celestion Heritage G12M speakers
  14. Marshall® 4x12” with original issue Celestion G12-65 speakers
  15. Roland JC-120 2x12”

Microphone models

Mic up your speakers using a choice of models that emulate the characteristics of these popular microphones:

  1. AKG C 414 EB Condenser Microphone
  2. AKG D112 Dynamic Microphone
  3. Electro-Voice RE20 Cardiod Microphone
  4. Neumann U67 Condenser Microphone
  5. Neumann U87 Condenser Microphone
  6. Royer 121 Ribbon Microphone
  7. Sennheiser MD 409 Dynamic Microphone
  8. Sennheiser MD 421 Dynamic Microphone
  9. Shure SM7 Dynamic Microphone
  10. Shure SM57 Unidyne III Dynamic Microphone


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You may buy Avid Eleven 12 or download it from our website.
This product was released on 06 Feb 2016. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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