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PlugSound 6 Global Collection

PlugSound 6 Global Collection
Product Type: VST Instruments

Plugsound Vol.6 - V1.8 MAS/VST/RTAS The latest and greatest General-Midi tone module is here! In fact, Plugsound is more than that: it’s the next generation of sound modules, relegating their hardware counterparts to oblivion. Most music related facilities will find this Plugsound invaluable. It provides a realistic and contemporary library designed to substitute to the cheesy GM players, both software and hardware. Fire up Plugsound and suddenly the music you thought dated sounds wonderful! It is also a dream come true for facilities which want to be compatible with musicians without investing in bulky and dated hardware, just for the sake of playing back a few sounds on a session. Global collection faithfully follows the GM standard for sound classification. The acoustic and electric piano category is first, followed by Pitched Percussions, Organs, Guitars, Basses, Strings, Ensemble Sounds, Brass, Reeds, Pipes… The collection then moves on to Synth Leads, Pads and Composites, followed by Ethnic, Percussive and Sound Effect categories. Volume 6 then offers another 128 presets consisting of light versions of the original 128 GM presets. Finally, 7 GM drum kits are supplied, followed by 7 light versions. Most categories feature exceptionnal samples, including the difficult orchestral sounds, that are particularly good in this global collection. The keyboards, drums and guitars are also outstanding... Volume 6 is not a best-of the Plugsound collection: it only includes a handful of common presets. It features exceptionnal samples, including orchestral sounds that would normally be sold for several times more, on their own. Keyboards, drums and guitars are also outstanding! Sample based GM Module PlugSound Engine Features : 32 bit processing High quality transposition algorythm Polyphony only limited by your CPU Sample amount and size only limited by computer MAS, VST 2.0 Mac/PC compatible Sample accurate timing Phase-locked when stereo Easy MIDI routing Mono legato mode Vital parameters settings: - Transpose : octave, semi tone, fine & pitch bend - Sound : attack, release, filter, Q & sensitivity

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You may buy PlugSound 6 Global Collection or download it from our website.
This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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