Funky House Producer

Funky House Producer
Loopmasters Funky House Producer

Funky House Producer brings you the best House Samples from the clubs of Ibiza, London, Paris and New York directly to your mix. Featuring the latest filtered funk loops, inspirational disco guitars, huge pumping beats, funky bass lines, dreamy Fx and killer keys all waiting to inspire your productions in true Loopmaster style. Whether you are looking to capture the blissed out sample production of Naked and Wave Records, or perhaps something deeper – you’ll find that Funky House Producer delivers on every level with top quality pro house samples created exclusively for this limited edition sample cd.

Every sample has been painstakingly played, programmed and produced from scratch to give you what is probably the most original copyright free house sample collection available today. Combining live played guitar and bass, lush keys and real percussion samples, along with some of the smoothest pads and tripped out fx, brand new beats and sublime single hit sounds. No matter what computer platform or music software you utilise, if you need the authentic sounds packing the world’s best dance floor’s right now then check out this CD!

If you produce House and Dance music and need a pure set of pro samples to take your tracks to the next level, then employ Funky House Producer as your personal assistant!

Formats: Acidized WAV, REX2, SXT

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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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