Nexus 2 Expansion - Dance Vol.3

Nexus 2 Expansion - Dance Vol.3

ReFX Nexus 2 Expansion - Dance Vol.3

135 dance presets that start where Vol.2 has stopped. Among others, you will find trendy jumpstyle sounds and fully playable, tonal kicks which will dedust your subwoofers for sure!

Unique dance basses, crazy electro-sounds, characteristic powerleads, sidechained sawlines, superb pads, awesome drumskits, and, and, and...


AR Amplification
AR Bionic
AR Dome
AR Fragrance
AR Movin Padlead
AR On A Trip
AR Plasmafire
AR Premium DncPluck
AR Tiestos Adagio 1
AR Tiestos Adagio 2
AR Traffic
AR U Running
AR Velvet
BA 90s Dancebass
BA Air 4 Life
BA Cars 1
BA Celmar Woods
BA Cool Square
BA Dengabass
BA Elektro Total
BA Elements
BA Everytime Pitchbass
BA Exceeding Mason
BA Hithouse One
BA Megashira
BA Mini Lead
BA Mini Slam
BA Ocean Drive
BA Offbeat Overlay
BA Sharp E-Bass
BA Shoggy Reiterbass
BA Smooth 7th
BA Ultrattack
BA Waterman
BL Cascada Bell Hit
BL Grooveriderbells
BR Drunken Monkey
DR Jump Around
DR Jump For Joy
DR Jumpstyle Kick 1
DR Jumpstyle Kick 2
DR Jumpstyle Kick 3
DR Jumpstyle Kick 4
DR Jumpstyle Kick 5
DR Jumpstyle Kick 6
DR Jumpstyle Menu 1
DR Jumpstyle Menu 2
DR Jumpstyle Menu 3
FX Bumblebee
FX Double Bitnoize
FX Flashfire
FX Goin Down
LD Aggressor
LD Disco V3
LD Flutlicht
LD Green Screamer
LD Heavy Bomber
LD Heretic
LD Joop Future
LD Neutronium
LD Nightmare
LD Noemi Dreams
LD Noemi You
LD Perfect 4 Layering
LD Ratty Pulse
LD Sandstorm
LD Simple But Cool
LD Superlativ
LD Swedelead
LD Trance Buzzer Solo
LD Trance Buzzer SQ
LD Trance Buzzer
LD Tunecraft
LD X-Treme Lead
OR HandsUp in 1925
PD Analog Pad 05r
PD Emphaty
PD Meridian
PD Open the Mod
PD Sad Warmpad
PD Soft and Mellow
PD The Abyss
PD Voicepad 1
PD Voicepad 2
PD Voicepad 3
PN Dr Alban
PN Dreampiano
PN Rave Piano 1
PN Rave Piano 2
PN Rave Piano 3
SQ Boten Anna
SQ Crawling at Night
SQ Deception 1
SQ Deception 2
SQ Dreamdance
SQ Exceed
SQ Ibiza 08
SQ Laos
SQ Madness
SQ Miles Children
SQ Ready 2 go
SQ Rememberance
SQ Royal Gigolo
SQ Sidechain Deluxe
SQ Verbmachine 1
SQ Verbmachine 2
SQ Verbmachine 3
ST Stringbreak 1
ST Stringbreak 2
ST Stringbreak 3
SY Ananda
SY Attacky
SY Band of Basses
SY Dabruck Synth
SY Disco Falls
SY Funkee Beeeee
SY Marimbaaar
SY Nature
SY Panflutes
SY Pizzi Cat
SY Ravetronix
SY Syncloud
SY Wabba Saw
TG Secret Land
TG Trance Morph
TG Trieste
VO 5th Element
VO Dance Back Choir
VO Playtime Choir
VO Syn Choir Hit
VO Vice
VO Warm Voicepad


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This product was released on 05 Aug 2010. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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