Nexus 2 Expansion - HandsUp-Electro Bass

Nexus 2 Expansion - HandsUp-Electro Bass

ReFX Nexus 2 Expansion - HandsUp-Electro Bass

Hands Up, Progressive Trance, commercial Electro - if that's your style, this expansion is what you crave for. Genre-master Manuel Schleis presents a "Best of"-mix of characteristic offbeat-basses, unique electro-lead-basslines, rough trance basses as well as complex arp sequences and clones of well-known rhythms...

150 presets every Dance producer has to have!


AR A Offbass Menu
AR A Riderbass Menu
AR Bumble
AR Draht
AR InpettoTrance
AR Pushing
AR Stamp Collector
AR Syncin
AR Techy Pitchdown
AR Vintage Gear
BA Analogy
BA Attack Swell
BA Australia
BA Benny Dirt
BA Bikini Bottom
BA Bit Cancer
BA Breathy Bass
BA ClapTrap Bass
BA Classic Doublepick
BA Clubterror
BA Commercial but Cool
BA Dab and Klein Bass 1
BA Dab and Klein Bass 2
BA Dab and Klein Bass 3
BA Dark Saz
BA Distolectro
BA Doctor B
BA Doppelwumme
BA Doublebender
BA Electro Mack 1
BA Electro Mack 2
BA Fat Hardrox Bass
BA Fatmans Toy
BA Fatty Moogy
BA Fatty
BA Filtered SQ 7th
BA Fishing For Boots
BA Full of Squares
BA Galaxy
BA Garetta
BA Gidorah
BA Golden Pitchbass
BA Hands Up Bass 1
BA Hands Up Bass 10
BA Hands Up Bass 11
BA Hands Up Bass 2
BA Hands Up Bass 3
BA Hands Up Bass 4
BA Hands Up Bass 5
BA Hands Up Bass 6
BA Hands Up Bass 7
BA Hands Up Bass 8
BA Hands Up Bass 9
BA Klaas Bass
BA Let me think about
BA Locutus
BA Love Is Gone
BA Low Fuzz
BA Major Activities
BA Major Big
BA Mensch + Maschine
BA Monster Bratzer
BA Mr Oizo
BA Phaserbug
BA Pitcheritis
BA Plain Dance
BA Proktologe
BA Pryda Bass
BA Pryda Warm Saw
BA Punching Ball
BA Punkstylez
BA Pure Love Infinity
BA Push me
BA Ranger
BA Raw Moog Stack
BA Raw SQ Pitchbass
BA Rawhide
BA Real Bodyroxx 1
BA Real Bodyroxx 2
BA Robin S1
BA Robin S2
BA Robin S3
BA Schnappi
BA Shoggy Bass Soft
BA Shoggy Bass
BA Shwobbler
BA Silent Breed
BA Simple Saw Shape
BA Smooth as Silk
BA Smooth Subber
BA Snowbite
BA Soft SQ Open 1
BA Soft SQ Open 2
BA Soft SQ Open 3
BA Sonic Wall
BA Sprozzer 1
BA Sprozzer 2
BA Sprozzer 3
BA Squaredance
BA Stereo Fuzzy
BA StereoLayer 1
BA StereoLayer 2
BA Stereopulse+
BA Stereopulse
BA Sterolectro
BA Strangeborn 1
BA Strangeborn 2
BA Supermind
BA Sweet Sweller
BA Swell C1 to F2
BA The Art Of Layering
BA TocaSquare
BA Traize
BA TrashSaw
BA Tribal Square Mini
BA Tribal Square Pitch
BA Tribal Square Whoop
BA Tribal Square+
BA Tribal Square
BA Tronicbass
BA Uberfat
BA Uneven
BA Unimonster
BA Unstable Chordplay
BA Virtual Stereo SQ
BA Zombie Spinner
DR Cute Jumpkick 1
DR Cute Jumpkick 2
FX Disto
FX GapChordFiller
FX Gapper
GT Mellow Pluck
SQ Basswippe
SQ Crazy Bonkers
SQ Halo
SQ Have a Break
SQ Inpetto Seq+
SQ Inpetto Seq
SQ J Neidborn Seq
SQ Mooglebass
SQ Nu Electro
SQ Nu Hands 1
SQ Nu Hands 2
SQ Nu Hands 3
SQ Plotter
SQ Praydiz Sequence
SQ Pure Love
SQ Spencer+Hill Bassline
SQ Time to Relax
VO Wall E


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This product was released on 07 Aug 2010. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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