Spitfire Enigma [DVD]

Spitfire Enigma [DVD]

Spitfire Enigma [DVD / Kontakt]

Leo Abrahams is a trailblazing musician, composer, and producer who has recorded and toured with such successful artists as; Imogen Heap, Ed Harcourt, Roxy Music, Grace Jones, and Pulp. Leo began to write and produce for a catalogue of aspiring singers and bands, which led him to creating his own records including The Unrest Cure, featuring the vocal stylings of; Brian Eno, KT Tunstall, Ed Harcourt, Foy Vance, and Bingo Gazingo. Leo has produced for a number of artists including Paolo Nutini, Wild Beasts, Frightened Rabbit and Carl Barat of the Libertines; he has composed such incredible soundtracks as that of The Lovely Bones (with Eno) and Hunger (with David Holmes); and he is also credited as the guitarist in such fantastic film scores as that of Oceans 12, Twilight and Green Zone. Leo’s talent has extended across multiple genres of music, and it is his devotion along with his raw talent that has brought him the success he has today.

"ENIGMA" is a collection of awe inspiring sounds and tools created exclusively by Leo in conjunction with Spitfire Audio. As composers ourselves we have been itching to get our hands on what we know will become essential DNA for future compositions and productions.
Created largely on a rusty Trussart guitar plugged into Leo's infamous pedal array, with over 300 presets including weird and wonderful sounding guitars, synths, pads, atmos, phrases and over 200 loops. This library is 5GB (compressed from 10GB) of pure inspiration.
VIs - Purpose built curiosities, some more recognisable than others. But all with that distinctive rusty sound!

PADS - Raw chordal instruments direct from Leo.
MORPHED PADS - Beautiful circuit bent synths and pads always derived from a rusty source!
LOOPS - Rhythmic and percussive phrases tempo sync'd to your host.
ATONAL FX - A selection of rustic pylons to screw with your beautiful sonic landscapes!

Christian Henson, ensconced in a plethora of exciting movie, game and TV projects has been using the library in anger for a week of so now and rather excitedly had this to say:

"I liken this library to my hazy and shady past in catering, excuse my French in advance. Receiving it akin to your favourite supplier bursting through the doors of your restaurant excited by the box of goodies he had for you. This cheese is excellent, it's furry and mouldy and smells of s**t, but makes you high as a kite when you spread it on some freshly baked bread, these king prawns are the tastiest little buggers but you need to know how to shell them and cook them with care. Playing with this library for a week now has made it the DNA of the productions I'll be involved with over the next months and years. It's totally Leo, but it is as I suggest, just ingredients, from which I will get inspiration up my game and go up a level to honour. It's the first time I've used a sample library and felt like I was collaborating with someone. Such is the power of his personality and how present it is here... I like my music to be hairy, smelly, full of soul and this library has that by the arm load. It doesn't feel like it's been made by a sample dev, it feels like that private folder of specially made bad-boys that everyone has to turn to in times of blank screen fever. Moreover, and strangely it is the first time I have ever used a library and when testing almost exclusively played major chords.... like the cheesiest progressions I know, and... everything I played just sounded so effing cool. Hats off to Leo and thank you sir!!!"

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This product was released on 12 Jan 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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