Vocaloid LOLA - Virtual Female Soul Vocalist

Vocaloid LOLA - Virtual Female Soul Vocalist

When it comes to creating quality vocal tracks, Yamaha's VOCALOID singing synthesis technology literally changes everything. The future will now be very different. The last bastion of human musical expression - the singing voice - has been realistically harnessed in synthesis. Now it's time for YOU to express your music in YOUR own words. You can sing your heart out - through LOLA, LEON, MIRIAM, and other VOCALOID virtual vocalists from Zero-G, thanks to the incredible new technology developed by Yamaha. LOLA is a virtual female soul vocalist modelled on a real professional singer, and when she is installed into your PC she will literally allow you to create singing of superb quality and realism.

LOLA will sing ANY words you ask her to in English - literally anything - be they beautiful lyrics or comical trivialities, Monteverdi madrigals or manic chants. You can create vocal tracks of soulful singing in any lyrics you want. You just type in lyrics, and synthesize. Then add expression to taste. LOLA is under your total control, and the really mind-blowing thing is - she can truly sound like a professional singing voice. With very little practice the results you get from LOLA will completely fool your friends - they will believe they are listening to a real singer performing. The question you will hear will always be ''WHO is that?'', and not ''What is that?''.

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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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