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Samplitude 8.0 Professional

Samplitude 8.0 Professional
Product Type: Sound Editors
Compatibility: PC Windows x86, PC Windows x64

New and extended functions of Samplitude V8:

5.1-channel surround, surround effects and object surround
the surround sound implementation has been completely revamped in Samplitude V8. The all-new configuration includes 5.1 panning, a multi-channel equalizer, a real-time room simulator based on convolution technology and dynamics processing tools. The object surround function is unique in its capabilities: each audio object in a project be situated individually within the surround field.

Surround Room Simulator
The revolutionary realtime room simulator based on convoluting technology - now available as surround version.

MIDI drum editor, multi-editor for MIDI controllers
vastly expanded MIDI tools make it easy to integrate internal and external synthesizers. Another new feature is the multi-editor for the parallel display and processing of MIDI control and pitch bend controller data. The drum editor includes matrix and cell editing features as well as graphic velocity editing and is combined with convenient drum map management so that you can flexibly program your drum tracks.

MAGIX Analog Modeling Suite
Samplitude V8 supplements the available high-quality audio effects with simulated classical analog processing tools. This includes an excellent analog compressor with optional band saturation effect simulation (am / track) and a transient designer (am / pulse) for influencing the signal envelope of percussive audio material.

MAGIX Elastic Audio
you can now pitch-shift audio data as flexibly as MIDI data. The editor contains automatic pitch recognition routines as well as automatic pitch correction for monophonic audio material. For pitch automation, several different algorithms are available, including resampling algorithms.

MAGIX Robota Pro
8-voice virtual analog synthesizer with integrated step sequencer in the style of the classic drum computers.

Manager for file libraries, objects, tracks, segments and markers
a project-related manager set for managing objects, tracks, segments and markers that allows you to efficiently archive and manage all of your project data and files directly while you work.

DVD audio
allows you to burn high-definition stereo and surround audio DVDs directly from the arrangement.

ReWire support
for synchronization with compatible applications.

Additional features
track-specific punch-in recording, extended support for external hardware controllers, remix/slice agent (AutoCut & AutoLoop for beat-based audio material), optimized effects handling, full-screen video output (supports 16:9)

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You may buy Samplitude 8.0 Professional or download it from our website.
This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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