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EVE Soundset vol.2 - Minimoog

EVE Soundset vol.2 - Minimoog
Product Type: VST Instruments

HQS Vol.2 is probably the definitive collection of sounds created and sampled in long format from a real Minimoog and sculpted by the synthisis tools in EVE and Wusik Station.

You will find leads, split keyboards, basses , sound effects as well as extending the MiniMoog sound into spacial pads and synths with polyphony and stereo effects, thanks to the layering features of samplers.

Amongst the sound set, you will find basses, organs, electric pianos, brass, pluck, fx and synthesised sounds, as well as a few of the formant sequences. But you wont find just professional mustisamples, also a bank of 128 EVE presets, featuring exciting and inspirational combinations of FS1r samples and EVE vintage sounds.

Playing the sounds and making them come alive requires some techniques that were developed on the original MiniMoog. When playing leads, use the legato technique, playing smoothly on the keyboard without retriggering a full note on. Interesting timbres can be produced.

The Legato technique along with pitch bend and mod wheel ( for vibrato) can create expressive leads and basses. When playing the SYN and PAD presets( which are polyphonic) use chords. Hold for a little to hear the evolution of sound. There are quite a few little surprises. For Wusik Station users, there are several PADS and SYN presets that make use of the Wave sequencing ability of Wusik Station. While the presets show off what can be done with this sound set, the real beauty is in creating your own customized sounds using the 84 available multisamples . Your imagination is the limit.

List of soundsets

* Oct Saw
* 3 Osc FM
* 3 Part Lead
* 3 tune Lead
* 3 Tuned Sine Lead
* 3Osc Bass
* 5TH SineLead
* Amazing Lead
* Bass Steel
* BrainSalad Bass
* Bright FM
* Chord Lead
* Chord Synth 1
* Crazy Rings
* DET Saw Lead
* Dirty G Lead
* DTY Lead
* Emli Led
* Fast Lead
* Fat Blade
* Fat PM Synth
* Fat Square Bass
* Fat Square Synth
* FatResnoBass
* FilterPeak Bass
* FineDetuned Moog
* FlatSquare Bass

* Flute the Moog
* Fusion Bass
* Fusion Lead
* Hammer Bass
* Hammer MiniLead
* Hammond Synth
* HarpisMoog
* HarpsiShami Synth
* Hi Tec Bass
* KC Trilogy Lead
* LV Lead
* Mod 3 Tone Synth
* Mod Shami
* Mod Steel
* ModFilter Synth
* Moog Axe
* Moog Cello
* Moog E Piano 1
* Moog E Piano 2
* Moog FilterSweep
* Moog Guitar
* Moog Pizz Bass
* Moog Violin
* Nice Studio Bass
* Noisy Bass
* Noisy FX
* Octaver Bass
* Organ Synth
* OTP Bass
* Ovtor Synth 2

* Ovtor Synth 3
* Ovtor Synth 4
* Pass Lead
* Pick Lead
* Pop Attack Lead
* Popcorney
* Prodigy Lead
* QuakSoft Syn
* Saw 3 Synth
* Saw Organ
* Saw Temple
* Saw Zap Synth
* Slow Pad
* Soft Lead
* Soft Pad
* Stand Bass
* Steel Drummer
* Thick Bass
* Trombone
* Trumpet
* Very Fat Saws 1
* Very Fat Saws 2
* Violin
* Wah Far Bass
* Weird Synth
* Wha PM Synth
* Whoa Synth
* Wobbler
* XyloMoog

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You may buy EVE Soundset vol.2 - Minimoog or download it from our website.
This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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