Chris Hein - Horns vol. 1

Chris Hein - Horns vol. 1

Best Service Chris Hein - Horns Vol 1 [DVD]

Chris Hein Horns is an outstanding virtual sampled brass instrument library.


Alt-Sax, Tenor-Sax, Trumpet, Trombone & Trumpet-Section

Main Features:

- 20.000 Samples
- 3,5 GB content
- 4.500 - 6.000 Samples per instrument
- Up to 44 different playing techniques
- All playing techniques in one programm with up to 44 keyswitches
- Up to 20 Velocities per note
- a choice of up to 189 variations per note
- 35 intelligent MIDI controllers included
- reverb, delay, chorus & 3-band EQ included
- New control features:
Growl-Control, Air-Control, Keys-Control, Spit-Control, Dirty-Notes, Breath Release-Trigger, Legato-Mode, Real-Vibrato
Up to 20 dynamics (10 on average) have been sampled for each playing technique. This enables complete control over the dynamics and provides a greater amount of variation per note. To avoid the machinegun-effect in repetitions simply adjust the velocity in your sequenzers editor.
35 MIDI controllers have been programmed for each instrument. A complete 3-band EQ as well as Reverb, Delay and Chorus can be automated with standard MIDI controllers.
Playing Techniques:
Up to 44 playing techniques have been programmed for the instruments. Key-switching is used to change playing techniques instantly, without having to load each programm separately.
Chris Hein - Horns comes with a full licence of the famous "Kontakt-Player" from Native instruments.

This easy to use software guarantees the compatibility with Mac ore PC. You can run the "Kontak-Player" as a plug-in with any software sequenzer, or as standalone-version.


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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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