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Voyetra Teach Me Guitar

Voyetra Teach Me Guitar

Voyetra Teach Me Guitar

Learn to play guitar at your own pace
With Teach Me Guitar, you don’t need to read music or understand music theory to learn how to play. This comprehensive course guides you every step of the way. Begin by reviewing basic concepts or skip right to the lessons. An animated fret-board shows you neck fingerings in real time as you play along. When you’re ready, mute the guitar track and sit in with the band to practice the songs you’ve learned.

Start with the basics

Perfect for beginners, this self-paced course lets you start out with basic concepts like chords, theory, and tuning, then work your way up to playing songs and solos. A video overview introduces you to each phase of the course, and each section ends with a complete song to play.

Interactive videos

See close-up demonstrations of chords, songs and techniques while the instructor talks you through the lessons. Learn at your own pace by rewinding and reviewing, or looping sections you want to work on.

Animated Fretboard

Watch the notes appear in real time as you play along with songs. Tablature notation is shown below the neck so you can learn the language of guitar notation. Adjust the mix and tempo, or loop a particular section to really get it right. There's even a view for lefties!

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You may buy Voyetra Teach Me Guitar or download it from our website.
This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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