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Super Pads And Textures

Super Pads And Textures
Product Type: ACID format

Electronisounds Super Pads And Textures

Hello Electronica Producers, and welcome to "Super Pads And Textures"!

We're hooking you up once again with more pads, textures, chords and sweeps than you can imagine! 684MB of samples are JAM-PACKED into this collection! Over 375 pads and textures, plus some killer bonus samples, mate! We've collected our favorite pads from 11 different electronisounds sample CD's and filled this disc to overflowing with them!

You won't find any loops on this disc, only pads & textures! No matter which genre(s) of electronica you're into, there's enough variety of pads & textures here to keep you coming back to this disc time and time again!

Simply said, if you're in need of an amazing collection of KILLER pads, this is the disc for you! Smooth pads, swirling pads, string pads, combo pads, sweet jungle pads, fx pads & so much more!


Breakbeat Explosion Pads Folder - 89MB, 46 samples
Elastic DnB Pads Folder - 130MB, 80 samples
Jungle Explosion Pads Folder - 25MB, 31 samples
Monsta-Tronic 1 Pads Folder - 90MB, 50 samples
Supreme Sounds Pads Folder - 39MB, 21 samples
Trance Explosion 2 Pads Folder - 17MB, 14 samples
Technomania 2 Pads Folder - 15MB, 18 samples
Trip Hop Explosion Pads Folder - 73MB, 36 samples
Trip Hop Pandemonium Pads Folder - 96MB, 40 samples
Twisted Remix 1 Pads Folder - 45MB, 26 samples
Z_Demo Samples Folder - 52MB, 180 samples
Z_Extra Bonus Samples Folder - 12MB, 225 samples (Evolved Beatworks - Percussion Tools Folder)

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You may buy Super Pads And Textures or download it from our website.
This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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