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2rAw New World Order
Power FX 2rAw New World Order [ACID & Refill format] The New World Order series scans the globe to bring you unique loops from around the world. Instruments from places like India, Africa, Cuba, the Carribean, Japan, Ireland, Texas - that's right Texas, and Brazil. Awesome grooves from instruments like the tabla, the talking drum, the daf, the dumbek, the bodhran, the djembe and more. Control the world...
ACID DJ Expander Pack
If you liked our ACID® DJ music creation package, then you'll love our exclusive ACID DJ Expander Pack loop library. This Sony® Sound Series™ collection is the companion to our ACID DJ kit, the popular loops-and-software combination package. Enjoy a complete construction kit that delivers more of the same kinds of beats, basses, scratches, and synths that made our ACID DJ offering a killer loops-and...
Zero-G Ambiosis [Multiformat DVD] Highly acclaimed electronic musician and samplist Ian Boddy brings you a fantastic array of atmospherics and soundscapes at a bargain price. These sounds can be used in virtually any music style where a little dash of sonic spice is needed. Ambiosis is particularly useful for ambient, dance, film soundtrack and trance composers where the sounds can often provide the...
American Piano
The American Piano™ collection captures the distinctive playing style of veteran stage and studio pianist Doug Colosio. Doug's resume includes performance credits with Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Charlie Pride, Jewel, and many other chart-topping country and crossover artists. Inside this library you will discover solo piano phrases that breathe pure American spirit, from traditional country blues.
ArhythmiA: Drums & Drones Vol. 1
Nine Inch Nails drummer Jerome Dillon, NIN sound designer Keith Hillebrandt, and Sony Media Software present the arhythmiA: Drums & Drones series, a twin volume collection that spans four discs full of 24-bit .wav files, assorted Propellerhead Software Recycle™ files (.rx2 file format), and ACID® software projects, that deliver an instantly identifiable sonic imprint that can't be found anywhere else.
Sony Pictures Digital BASS-X, a collection of floor shakin' bass loops produced exclusively for Sonic Foundry by Groove Addicts, the world-renowned L.A. music production and sound design house. Groove Addicts knows what you need to make your rhythm section bump, and they prove it here with this collection of intros, choruses, bridges, plucks, clicks, muffs, and song patterns, all presented in the spirit...
Big Fish Audio BiPolar This is the next wave of drum-n-bass. If your record collection is full of releases from labels like Certificate 18, Looking Good or Metalheadz, you've got to add this speed freak to your collection. Drum n Bass producer "Polar" (aka "K"), has released music on Moving Shadow, Rugged Vinyl and R&S. Now he's injecting his influence onto a sample CD, and this disc doesn't cut any corners.
Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Beats
SONY Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Beats ACID Loops Toronto's Bunker 8 is the happy home of one twisted company of obsessive, sunlight-deprived tweakers. Attacking from the north, they've infiltrated the Sony® Sound Series™ collection with locked-and-loaded copies of their Extremely Abrasive Beats library, a sonic weapon of beat loops and hits so caustic, we had to change their names to prevent a lawsuit.
Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Synths
SONY Bunker 8: Extremely Abrasive Synths ACID Loops Toronto's Bunker 8 sound design collective cordially invites you back into their darkened chambers to examine the delicious crudity of the Extremely Abrasive Synths compendium, an indelicate collection of drones, arpeggios, lead lines, and FX that confront the Muses in a decidedly disrespectful manner. This library is a shocking dossier that contains...
Bunker 8: Nu Groove Pop
SONY Bunker 8: Nu Groove Pop ACID Loops Toronto's Bunker 8 production team and Sony Pictures Digital present the Nu Groove Pop collection, a radio friendly, R&B flavored dance music construction kit that will have your clients and fans grooving for days. Made-to-order dance tracks are minutes away with this collection of beatbox rhythms, tight bass lines, simple melody loops, and compact instrumental motifs.
Chicago Fire: Drum 'n' Bass
Sony Media Software and Sound Genius Studios present Vince Lawrence/Slang MusicGroup in Chicago Fire: A Dance Music Anthology – five construction kit libraries that explore five different aspects of the club music experience: deep house, electro, old school, progressive, and drum ‘n’ bass. The Vince Lawrence resumй starts at the very beginning of the Chicago House / Trax label timeline, and...
Chromosphere Electronic Imprints and Astrobeats
Ma Ja Le' returns in fine form with Chromosphere, their second offering following the superb Saturn and Elsewhere (2001) collection. Like sonic archeologists, Ma Ja Le' recover sounds thought to be forever lost in time and space. Ancestral rhythms, noises from inside the sun, and cryptic transmissions beamed over thousands of light years are captured and cataloged here in this mood- altering construction kit.
Big Fish Audio Bunker 8 Dancevolution [Multiformat DVD] From the sundrenched shores of Ibiza, to the sweaty throngs of the Berlin Love Parade, Dancevolution has arrived. Over 3.7 GB of content will take you on a trip into fully realized moments of energized emotional intensity. Joining you for the journey are Acidized» Wav files, Apple Loopsª, Trance Hits, Halion 2ª Kits, Battery 2ª Kits.
Dark Techstep Jungle
OVER 500mb Of Raw Tech Jungle Loops. GENRE: Hard Tech Funk Drum n Bass Jungle This CD is a complete construction kit that will enable you to produce nothing short of aggressive speaker shredding Jungle! It's all there, the rest is up to you... These loops are presented by the usual PLP standards. They are 100% original Royalty Free loops in .wav format and have been professionally recorded, edited, and ACIDized.
Designer Dance Tools
SONY Designer Dance Tools Peace/Love Productions scores again with the Designer Dance Tools collection, the third complete collection of phat underground loops created exclusively for Sony Pictures Digital by the talented PLP production team. With years of experience in sound and loop library design, PLP has amassed enormous skills and insight, and the Designer Dance Tools set showcases this knowledge...
DJ Puzzle: Scratch Tactics
SONY DJ Puzzle: Scratch Tactics The DJ rules on our Scratch Tactics collection, the first Sony® Sound Series™ loop library to give it up completely to the decks. In case you're not already convinced, this package is proof that the turntable is a 'legit' musical instrument in a class by itself, and a sound source that can supply nearly all the beats, breaks, riffs, and FX you need to make grooving, fully-produced tracks.
Dub Basis
Big Fish Audio Dub Basic Dub Basis takes Dub to a whole new level by mixing the turntable cut-up culture of Hip Hop with the dope-soaked headspace of Dub. This one will leave you tripped out and WOWed by dropping you off on the dirty side of Jamaica; delivering full construction kits, drum loops, brass, bass, guitar, FX, kicks, snares and more. Guaranteed, you have never heard Dub dripping with this...
Electro Synthbox
Electronisounds Electro Synthbox Need some super-sweet new sounds to kick your trax into high gear? Here they are, mate! You're only an order away from 130 *all-exclusive* multi-sampled instruments! These multi-samples were taken from a wide variety of hardware synths - most of them are original patches, programmed by Junebug. You'll find every kind of synth sound you can imagine on this CD. Load the .
Electronic Point-Blank
Sony Pictures Digital and San Francisco-based producer and sound designer Mark Pistel present the Electronic Point-Blank collection, an unparalleled construction kit aimed squarely at the underground techno/dance music scene. Founder of Consolidated, Mark's incredible rйsumй includes work with Meat Beat Manifesto (MBM drummer Lynn Farmer is featured on this collection), Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy.
Euro Techno
Euro Techno Sony Pictures Digital presents the Euro Techno library, a collection of rave-ready beats, percussion, synths, pads, and arpeggios that reflect the energy and intensity of today's European dance scene. Italian producer and expert knob-twiddler Leo Cavallo created this collection especially for ACID® software with an emphasis on providing loops that will take you to new heights of creativity...
Fluid Dynamics: Computational Drum 'n' Bass
Sony Pictures Digital ACID® software and drum 'n' bass music were made for each other. Complicated packets of rhythmic information can now be effortlessly painted across your screen to create smooth, sophisticated, high bpm rhythm beds.This foundation can then be easily edited at the microscopic level in ACID software to achieve all the precarious twists and turns that make drum 'n' bass one of the...
Hardcore Breakbeat Action [2 CD]
Big Fish Audio Hardcore Breakbeat Action [2 CDs Set] Brand new and tough as nails, Hardcore Breakbeat Action is full of construction kits with big bonus section of drumloops from HUGE producers: 1205sound, Reza and Nick Tidy (aka Ethnic Robot). Aimed at the breakbeat/big beat producer, but with a focus on nu-school breaks as well as old-school hardcore (i.e. fast-tempo breakbeat), this one is hot and...
IK Multimedia Contaminated
IK Multimedia Contaminated AMBIENT/DUB LOOP LIBRARY Metal dub, cool and aggressive uptempo beats. Features weird and chemically altered sounds. It's an enormous collection of phreaked out bass lines and alien noises. Over 250 loops, pre-grouped in 4 songs. 44 kHz 16bit standard WAV/AIFF files. Basses, BDs, Effects, Loops, Synth Lines, Pads and Percussion, all made with massive state-of-the-art gear.
ILONA! Universal Female Vocal Toolkit
SONY Media ILONA! Universal Female Vocal Toolkit The premise is simple: desktop producers want easy access to perfectly mixed vocal harmony layers. The ILONA! Universal Female Vocal Toolkit makes it happen. Start with three full octaves of 'ooh' and 'aah' vocal samples, with long and short durations provided for every note. Then, add the production candy: separate, stereo Lexicon 480 reverb tracks.

Samples for Sony ACID Pro and SONY ACID Music Studio.

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