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Supreme Sounds

Supreme Sounds
Product Type: WAV Samples

Electronisounds Supreme Sounds

No matter what genre of electronica you're into, there's sounds on this disc for you! We've jam-packed this CD to overflowing with *all-new, all-original* one-shots of: Basses, Synths, Drums, Organs, Pads, Pianos, Strings, Ethnic sounds, FX, Electric Pianos & Rhodes, Bells & more! You get 683MB of samples! Over 1,275 samples in total!

Whether you need some new DEEEP basses, some incredible LUSH pads, or some KICKIN new drum sounds, this CD has the serious sounds your productions need.

We've hooked you up with almost SIX HUNDRED *all-exclusive* new drum sounds - divided up into individual folders of kicks, snares, hh, claps percussion, etc. The drum souunds you need are in here, mate!

We've even included 3 *BONUS* drumkits in 3 formats: WAV (.wav), SOUNDFONT (.sf2), AKAI (.akp), so no matter what your hardware/software of choice is, you'll be able to work with these bonus drum samples!

The "Ethinc" folder contains all sorts of instrument one-shots, from flutes and pan-flutes to asian drones and everything in between. Be sure and check out these samples when you want to add something unique to your tracks!

For your convenience, every melodic sample on "Supreme Sounds" is tuned to "C". With the exception of the few "BONUS Chords" which are all Cminor.


Basses Folder - 72MB, 111 samples
Bells Folder - 4MB, 7 samples
Bonus Chords Folder - 24MB, 18 samples
Drums Folder - 68MB, 592 samples
EP + Rhodes Folder - 14MB, 15 samples
Ethnic Folder - 18MB, 26 samples
FX Folder - 26MB, 24 samples
Horns Folder - 5MB, 7 samples
Organs Folder - 39MB, 39 samples
Pads Folder - 182MB, 103 samples
Pianos Folder - 9MB, 11 samples
Strings Folder - 21MB, 23 samples
Synths Folder - 167MB, 193 samples
Z_Demo Samples Folder - 32MB, 112 samples

You may also find more information about this product here.

You may buy Supreme Sounds or download it from our website.
This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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