BFD Andy Johns Classic Drums [6 DVD]

BFD Andy Johns Classic Drums [6 DVD]

Platinum Samples Andy Johns Classic Drums BFD Expansion Pack [6 DVD]

What can we say that a glance at his credits doesn't tell you?

A great drum room! A classic Neve console! 86 drums to choose from... and a legendary rock engineer!

Rather than use preassembled drum kits, Andy chose his favourite pieces to create different drum kits for his expansion pack. Each kit was meticulously tuned by Andy himself to create the most kick ass drum library available. 65 Gigs never sounded so good!

Platinum Samples is proud to be able to feature Andy's samples in the Master Engineer series.

Recorded in one of LA's greatest rock drum rooms using a classic Neve 80 series console and through the electronics of a Studer 800 24 track tape machine, the Classic Drums expansion pack truly demonstrates why Andy has achieved legendary status. Using no compression and only the console preamps and EQ's, and with each drum meticulously tuned by Andy himself -- the drums recorded in the Classic Drums expansion pack exhibit why the albums Andy has engineered and produced have sold over 150 million copies. To ensure that the drums would fit into a mix, and not to record the drums in a void, the drum sounds were checked with a rhythm section (drums, bass and guitar). The result is an expansion pack where you can load a drum kit and not neccesarily need to be an accomplished engineer to have some of the greatest recorded drums available in one of the most sought after drum rooms in the world on your own tracks!

During the recording process some microphones were changed, others moved, and only two Royer ribbon mics were killed...

The Microphones

Kick Inside Sennheiser 421, Shure Beta 52
Kick Outside Shure SM7, Royer 121 (2), Neumann 47FET
Snare Top Shure SM57
Snare Bottom Shure SM57
Hat Shure SM57, Neumann KM84
Toms Top Sennheiser 421, AKG451, AKG452
Toms Bottom Sennheiser 421
Cymbals Neumann u87, Neumann KM84, AKG 460
Room Neumann u47 Tube (pair)
"PZM" (Room2) Coles 4038 ribbon mics, AKG 414EBU (pairs)


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