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FXpansion Zildjian Digital Vaults Vol.1 [3 DVD]

FXpansion Zildjian Digital Vaults Vol.1 [3 DVD]
Product Type: VST Instruments

FXpansion Zildjian Digital Vaults Vol.1 v1.0.1 [3 DVD] [PC / MAC Versions]

Zildjian Digital Vault: Your Instant Collection of Legendary Zildjian Cymbals!

FXpansion is proud to present Zildjian Digital Vault, a comprehensive collection of Zildjian cymbal recordings ready to slot into your BFD2 or BFD Eco installation.

Zildjian Digital Vault features 34 classic crashes, splashes, rides, chinas and hihats hand-selected by Zildjian's master cymbal tester Paul Francis. Recorded in intricate detail by sampling guru John Emrich, the sounds are captured with crisp direct mics and lush stereo overhead and room mic sets. Each cymbal is recorded at multiple velocities while being struck by sticks, brushes and mallets. The included cymbals feature articulations for bow, edge and bell positions while hihats feature tip and edge hits at 5 positions between open and closed.

Included are 14 A-series, 9 K-series and 11 FX cymbals from the Zildjian range as well as a series of authentic drumkit grooves.

Equipment used for the recordings

  • Direct: Nevaton MC49 into an ATI 8SMX2 preamp
  • OH: Violet Flamingo Stereo into an API 3124 peamp
  • Room: Nevaton stereo MC404 microphone into a Metric Halo ULN 2 preamp
  • Ambient: Violet Vin50 (prototype) into an API 3124 preamp


  • Expansion pack for BFD2 and BFD Eco
  • 14 A-series, 9 K-series and 11 FX cymbals by Zildjian
  • 34 cymbals in total played with sticks, brushes and mallets
  • High levels of detail and expressive articulations
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You may buy FXpansion Zildjian Digital Vaults Vol.1 [3 DVD] or download it from our website.
This product was released on 09 Mar 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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