Chris Hein Horns Vol. 2 [4 DVD]

Chris Hein Horns Vol. 2 [4 DVD]

Best Service Chris Hein Horns Vol. 2 [4 DVD]

This perfect addition to Chris Hein Horns Vol. 1 contains a collection of 17solo instruments and a huge selection of mixed sections. With the 17 instruments you can realise nearly any instrumentation of a brass section, jazz, pop or big-band production.
3x Alto Saxophone, 3x Tenor Saxophone, 2x Baritone Saxophone, 4x Trumpet, 4x Tenor Trombone, 2x Bass Trombone as well as many "out of the box" section programs are included. With up to 2000 samples, 20 articulations and up to 8 velocities the instruments of Vol. 2 are equipped with enough expressiveness to compose tight brass sections for a small funk combo as well as complete big-band arrangements.

Due to highly intelligent programming the solo instruments can easily be combined to small or large sections via section mode. Several "out of the box" section instruments are also included. The intuitive user interface is mainly focussed on best playability. Various legato and glide-mode features allow very realistic note transitions, while outstanding new functions like key-vibrato, hotkeys and the revolutionary new key-switch concept are essential for live performance. All the instruments have been played by famous big-band musicians in separate sessions but to one another, which results in perfect harmony of the sections and allows maximum flexibility for the producer.

Chris Hein Horns Vol.1/ Vol.2 Comparison
What´s the difference between CHH Vol.1 and CHH Vol.2?
While CHH Vol.1 contains instruments especially designed to perform realistic solos, CHH Vol.2 is focussed on section playing.
Both libraries play very well together. Vol.2 is the perfect extension of Vol.1 and vice versa. 
Chris Hein Horns Vol.1
A collection of four, very detailed sampled big solo instruments with aprox. 4.000 samples, up to 38 articulations and up to 20 velocities per instrument.
Chris Hein Horns Vol.2
A collection of 17 solo instruments with aprox. 2.000 samples, 18 articulations and
up to 8 velocities per instrument, as well as a huge selection of mixed sections.

In the infobox you can download the complete user manual as a PDF document (12MB), which contains a detailed listing of all instruments of both libraries.

Chris Hein Horns Complete (Bundle Vol. 1 & Vol. 2)
This bundle offers the most comprehensive jazz-, pop-brass and woodwind library consisting of solo instruments and sections ever.

*All registered owners of Vol.1 are eligible for the reduced crossgrade. When ordering please keep your Vol. 1 serial number prepared and fill it into the message window in the shopping cart!

Minimum technical requirements:
- Windows, Pentium/Athlon XP 1,4 GHz, Windows XP and Vista Ready
- Mac G4 1GHz or Intel Core Dual 1,66 GHz, Mac OS X 10.4 or greater
- 512 MB RAM
- 14 GB free hard disc space
- Audio Units, VST2.0, RTAS, Standalone


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This product was released on 25 May 2010. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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