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Mixing Dance Music Essentials

Mixing Dance Music Essentials

Ask Video MixMaster 101 Mixing Dance Music Essentials [Tutorial]

Mixing electronic music is an adventure. It requires an advanced set of skills. We’re pleased to introduce you to MixMaster Daniel Wyatt to show you the essentials of mixing dance music. So learn to mix with Danny!

About Totorial

All mixing, whether you're doing rock, jazz or even classical, has a specific set of tools for each genre. Dance and/or electronic music is no different. In this course, top dance music mix and mastering engineer, Daniel Wyatt, explains some of his favorite EDM mixing essentials that ensure that his mixes are as dynamic and cutting edge as they can be.

In his 34-tutorial course, shot both with live video and screen capture, you learn all kinds of top-notch techniques. See how Danny uses saturation to add color and grit to his tracks. Watch as he deploys different kinds of compression and reductive EQ to add richness and carve out space in his mixes. Most of all you’ll enjoy Danny’s on-camera quick tips and insights as he so clearly and cheerfully explains his mixing philosophy.

Danny is an exquisite instructor and there’s lots to be learned in this 34-tutorial course. So set aside some study time and learn everything that MixMaster Wyatt has to offer. We know you won’t be disappointed!

Video List

  1. Introduction (01:35)
  2. Mix Preparation (02:49)
  3. Track Colors (02:18)
  4. Listening Practices (00:46)
  5. Monitoring Level (00:48)
  6. Gain Structure & Level Balancing (02:38)
  7. Kick Drum Anchor (03:56)
  8. Saturation (02:32)
  9. Kick Saturation (05:36)
  10. Introduction to EQ (01:55)
  11. Kick Reductive EQ I (05:17)
  12. Kick Reductive EQ II (06:58)
  13. Introduction to Compression (03:31)
  14. Kick Compression (04:32)
  15. Kick Additive EQ (06:30)
  16. Kick Limiting (04:55)
  17. Clap Processing & Balancing (08:31)
  18. Introduction to Reverb (02:46)
  19. Clap Reverb (05:50)
  20. Kick Reverb (05:22)
  21. Sub Bass Processing (05:06)
  22. Sub Bass Side-chaining (04:27)
  23. Lead Processing (05:12)
  24. Lead Reverb (02:35)
  25. Mix Buss Compression (03:48)
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This product was released on 07 Dec 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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