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Auddict Celestial Voices Ceres

Auddict Celestial Voices Ceres
Product Type: Kontakt format

Sonic Faction Archetype [DVD / Kontakt]

Celestial Voices - "Ceres"

Celestial Voice Sample Library for Kontakt 4 and Above (Retail Version Only, not Free Kontakt Player)

Ceres is the first of the Celestial Voices, by Auddict, featuring the soaring, ethereal vocals of singer, Tanya Wells. Tanya's flawless vocals, trained and refined in India, have taken her performing at the Cannes Film Festival for Anoushka Shankar, opening for Joss Stone, Nitin Sawhney and Nicki Wells (her twin sister), as well as recording vocals for the 2014 movie "Hercules".

With this VST instrument, we aimed to capture as much of Tanya's tone, style, artistic sound, and versatility in performance as we could, and as a result, you need only look at the screenshot below. Have a look at the range of the instrument, and then take a glance at the number of keyswitch notes available to you. Multiply these together, and you will have a rough idea of how deep and versatile this instrument really is.

Full list of articulations:

  • Sustains "aah, ooh, eeh and mmm"
  • "Normal" and "portamento" legato for All above sounds, totaling EIGHT legato interval sets
  • Mordents
  • Up-bend
  • Down-bend
  • Turns
  • Crescendo from nothing
  • Whispers
  • Complex Ornament
  • Phrases
  • Long Swells
  • Short Swells

Our TRUE Legato Sound

We put a lot of time and careful listening into achieving our legato sound, and auditioned different cross-fades, samples, sample orders, editing methods etc. In the end, we came up with a legato which combines elements which really stood out to us from methods we have seen in the past, as well as some neat tricks of our own. The result is the life-like sound you will now hear if you listen to/watch our demos, and ultimately, play with the instrument itself.

A Little More About How it Works

We wanted to make this instrument even more musical, so we came up with the idea of the phrase builder module. Something which we hope to develop and add to more and more as we continue to produce sample libraries. With the phrase-builder, which you can see in the Kontakt interface, you can shape your musical phrase by using a key-switch to determine how the first note of a phrase will be sung.

This stems from the fact that, in a recording session, you might say to the singer; "can you just sing that opening note with a crescendo", or "with a little grace note", and they would do it - musical freedom. We want you to have this kind of freedom with our sampled libraries, so we have implemented different sounds that you can begin a phrase with, after which, the rest of the legato phrase will continue on with normal sustained notes.

You can also switch as you play, between normal legato intervals, and portamento intervals, each individually sampled for all four vowels, giving a total of eight true legato sounds, as well as adding touches of vibrato in with the controls (MIDI map-able), to add an extra level of depth, variety and belief to your sound.

As well as the phrase-builder, there are five more sets of individually playable sounds available, also select-able via a key-switch mapped to your keyboard. These are:

Whispers - Soft whispered vowels, great for adding both eerie and spiritual levels to your music, particularly film/game score music

Ornament - A slightly more complex ornament recorded on each note for extra musical embellishment

Phrases - Short phrases sung, recorded, and mapped to each key, which make musical sense when played one after another
Long & Short Swells - True sampled crescendo/diminuendo samples, timed together so you can play polyphonic-ally, and the dynamics of each sample will remain perfectly matched throughout. These are perfect for adding a real expressive, human sound to your music.

You may also find more information about this product here.

You may buy Auddict Celestial Voices Ceres or download it from our website.
This product was released on 30 Dec 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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