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ADSR Sounds Mixing With Your Eyes

ADSR Sounds Mixing With Your Eyes

ADSR Sounds Mixing With Your Eyes [Tutorial]

Learn How To Use Metering And Visualising Plugins To Achieve Accurate Results I know what you might be thinking, why would you ever mix with your eyes when music and mixing is an auditory experience. Even though this idea may seem counterintuitive, it is actually one of the best ways to improve the quality of your mixes.

In this course, Echo Sound Works shows you how to use metering plugins to improve the quality of your mixes. At over an hour long (broken up into 8 individual sections) you will learn how to read and use numerous types of metering plugins to help with low end frequencies, Stereo Imaging and mix fullness.

The Fundamentals

INTRODUCTION - Introduces the ideas behind using metering and visualising plugins. (Not Included in the file)

TYPES OF METERING PLUGINS - This section details the various types of metering plugins that exist and some of the name brands.

REFERENCE TRACKS - A huge part of accurately missing with your eyes is to use a reference track that you can trust as a guide. Meters & Mixing

PEAK VS RMS METERS - This video discusses how to use these two metering types to get a fuller mix.

PHASE CORRELATION METERS - This part will show you how to use correlation meters to accurately gauge how many phasing issues may be in your mix. Great tips if youÆre trying to make your mixes more mono compatible.

STEREO IMAGING - This section will show you how to see if your mixes are wide enough.

LOW END METERING - This video is great for those who do not have a sub woofer. This will show you how to use metering plugins to see whats potentially wrong with your low end.

MIX FULLNESS - Learn how to put it all together to make full use of the stereo field and create a dynamic, punchy mix.

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This product was released on 01 Jan 2016. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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