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Cakewalk Studio Instruments Suite v1.0.0.10

Cakewalk Studio Instruments Suite v1.0.0.10
Product Type: VST Instruments

Cakewalk Studio Instruments Suite v1.0.0.10

Studio Instruments

Can't play bass, drums, piano, or violin? No problem! Just point and click and you are making music. It's that easy! Introducing Cakewalk Studio Instruments, the world's first easy-to-use and affordable software instrument collection for Mac and PC. Cakewalk Studio Instruments includes a high quality Drum Kit, Bass Guitar, Electric Piano, and String Section that can be played stand alone or inside your favorite music-making software such as Cakewalk Music Creator, Apple GarageBand, Magix Music Maker Deluxe, SONY ACID Music Studio, and more.

Virtual Drum Kit

Loaded with dozens of pre-recorded drum patterns spanning several musical genres including Rock, Pop, Hip Hop, Jazz, Blues, Funk, and more, or create your own grooves and patterns with ease.

Virtual Bass Guitar

Featuring several bass guitar sounds and numerous patterns ranging from classic to modern. Tweak your tone with full control of Bass, Mid, Treble, Drive, and Compression.

Virtual Electric Piano

Boasting several electric keyboard sounds and the ability to quickly dial-in classic tones ranging from bell-like to rich and fuzzy and everything in between.

Virtual Strings

Now Bass, Cello, and Violin sounds are right at your fingertips. The ability to control each instrument's attack and release, as well as chorus and reverb means you can get exactly the sound you're looking for.

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You may buy Cakewalk Studio Instruments Suite v1.0.0.10 or download it from our website.
This product was released on 18 Feb 2016. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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