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Vocal Production Masterclass

Vocal Production Masterclass
Compatibility: PC Windows x86, PC Windows x64, MAC OSX X32 PowerPC, MAC OSX X64 Intel

This is it! If you use vocals in your music, Marcus Huysken's Vocal Production Masterclass leaves no stone unturned, covering everything you need to know to produce world-class vocal tracks that will make your productions legit.

Marcus covers it all from setting up the vocal tracking session, the playback session, vocal editing tools and concepts, creating a game plan, comping vocals, pitch correcting, adding FX, background vocals, time-alignment, and much more!

See the individual tutorial descriptions below for more info. If you want the definitive guide for producing vocals in your DAW, stop what you're doing and experience "Vocal Production Masterclass" today!


Tutorial 1 - Setting Up for the Vocal Tracking Session (12:27)

In this first video, Marcus goes through the writing/production session for the track being used in this series, and talks about the different approaches one can take when re-tracking new final vocals. He then goes on to set up a new session, and speaks about proper gain staging and track naming conventions before the recording session takes place.

Tutorial 2 - The Playback Session (14:11)

Having completed the new vocal tracking session, Marcus goes through all the raw tracks that were recorded. With critical listening, he identifies the key areas that will require specific attention, and makes some mental notes for potential workflows.

Tutorial 3 - Editing Tools & Concepts (5:40)

Marcus goes over some of his most commonly used editing tools, and shortcuts that he uses on a regular basis, when editing and working with vocal tracks in Studio One.

Tutorial 4 - Coming Up with a Game Plan (6:21)

In this video, Marcus speaks about the importance of coming up with a strategic game plan, that allows us to slowly notch away at finessing our vocal tracks into a polished production.

Tutorial 5 - Comping & Editing the Lead Vocals Pt. 1 (13:10)

Marcus tackles comping together the 1st verse, and speaks about some workflows and concepts to keep in mind while comping.

Tutorial 6 - Comping & Editing the Lead Vocals Pt. 2 (4:56)

Having already tackled verse 2, Marcus comps together the bridge, and offers some useful tips for correcting inconsistencies between takes

Tutorial 7 - Comping & Editing the Lead Vocals Pt. 3 (13:26)

Learn how to manually edit harsh sibilant areas of the vocal, as well as how to tackle plosives in order to get raw vocal tracks sounding smoother prior to applying processing to them.

Tutorial 8 - Pitch Correcting the Lead Vocals Pt. 1 (10:43)

In this video, Marcus begins to pitch correct the lead vocals using Melodyne and Waves Tune Real-Time. He also goes over some useful concepts and workflows that can be implemented during this stage, to streamline the process and stay organized.

Tutorial 9 - Pitch Correcting the Lead Vocals Pt. 2 (9:39)

Marcus continues to work on the lead vocals using Melodyne, and demonstrates some useful tips that can be applied for more transparent results.

Tutorial 10 - Setting Up FX Returns (7:39)

Learn how to save time and effort in your mix, by saving and importing FX chains from a template or external session for commonly used effects processing chains.

Tutorial 11 - Comping & Editing the BG Vocals Pt. 1 (14:28)

Marcus demonstrates how to use manual editing, clip gain, audio slipping, & time compression and expansion to pocket a set of back ground vocal tracks to the lead vocal, before applying pitch correction.

Tutorial 12 - Comping & Editing the BG Vocals Pt. 2 (13:10)

Learn how to use Revoice Pro in your workflow to time and pitch align background Vocal unison tracks to the lead vocal - or to create incredibly realistic sounding Double's from a single mono lead vocal.

Tutorial 13 - Pitch Correcting & Time Aligning the BG Vocals Pt. 1 (12:41)

In this video Marcus demonstrates how to tackle time aligning complex vocal stacks with ease, using a combination of Revoice Pro, manual editing, and the powerful Vocalign Pro.

Tutorial 14 - Pitch Correcting & Time Aligning the BG Vocals Pt. 2 (8:52)

Marcus carries on with the vocal stacks, this time turning to Melodyne for fine tuning the pitch correction, and editing the pocket.

Tutorial 15 - Using Your DAW's Built-In Time Alignment Tools (7:53)

Learn how to harness the power of the built-in tools of your own DAW, for tackling time compression and expansion of vocal phrases on a budget.

Tutorial 16 - Final Edit Pass (12:38)

Massaging The Pocket & Adding Additional Vocal Enhancements - In this video, Marcus demonstrates some workflow tips for adding additional vocal production enhancements via Melodyne, and smoothing / finessing transitions with manual editing techniques

Tutorial 17 - The Final Mix Breakdown (11:19)

Marcus plays through his final mix, and speaks to his approach for a simple yet, impactful vibe. In addition, he offers some tips on how to streamline a mix for easy import into external sessions.


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This product was released on 03 Mar 2017. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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