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Drumkit From Hell Superior  [9 DVD]

Drumkit From Hell Superior  [9 DVD]
Product Type: VST Instruments

DVD. The sequel to the award-winning multi-sampled drum library DFH. DFH SUPERIOR includes all new drumkits with even more realism and user control than DFH, and it includes it's own built-in audio engine and interface for MAC and PC. SUPERIOR includes it's own Software from TOONTRACK (VSTi) for MAC and PC. The audio engine functions as a plug-in instrument, without the need for a sampler, in Cubase VST/SX at the moment, and there will be more formats soon, like AU and RTAS. FACTS: Multiple DVD's with approx. 35GB data 60.000 Soundfiles (single hits only, no loops) Easy customization from our "EASY TO USE" software sampler interface No pre-processed sounds, all sounds have been recorded without any pre or post processing of the sounds. Mapping: dfh SUPERIOR Will use it's own mapping as default, but you can load GM mappings and old dfh or dfh Add-On mappings as well. 5 Drumkits Ludwig, Sonor, DW, a old "bad sounding" Fibes kit & Premiere drums More than 40 Cymbals: Sabian, Zildjian & Istanbul & Sabian Protopypes We multisampled 46 different cymbals, many of them are handmade prototypes from sabian you can't even buy cymbals like that, they just sound amazing (the cymbals alone are worth the price of this library) 11 Snares: DW, Ludwig, Tama & Pearl 7 Hats: Sabian, Zildjian & Sabian prototypes Specials: 2 Cowbells, and a set of Rototom frames 1 Massive MEINL Percussion Kit with congas, bongos, shakers, tambourines & much more. 1 Cocktail Kit from Yamaha

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You may buy Drumkit From Hell Superior  [9 DVD] or download it from our website.
This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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