Blazin RnB & HipHop Collection Vol.1

Blazin RnB & HipHop Collection Vol.1

Best Service Blazin RnB & HipHop Collection Vol.1 [Multiformat DVD]

One DVD packed with over 2GB: The hottest new material for blazin' RnB & HipHop productions, inspired by some of the worlds greatest producers like Timbaland, Just Blaze, Dr. Dre, Neptunes, Erick Sermon, Kanye West and Scott Storch.

New, fresh kicks, basses, snares, claps, synths, fxs, keys, guitars (spanish, electric and acoustic), acoustic pianos, horns, strings, percussions, congas, bongos, shakers, saz and other ethnic instruments, live drums + fills, male and female vocals, pitched male and female vocals, scratches (babyscratches, crabs, steps, combos, transformer and special scratches) and effect noises were designed especially for this library.

Blazin' RnB & HipHop Collection Vol.1 contains :

  • 30 construction kits ranging of 80 - 108 BPM with loops, drum loops, drum samples, other samples and a huge selection of special loops
  • 1 live drum file with live drum loops and fills ranging of 95 - 135 BPM
  • 1 male vocal file with male and pitched male vocals
  • 1 female vocal file with female and pitched female vocals
  • 1 vinyl scratches file with babyscratches, crabs, steps, combos, transformer and special scratches

Hot material with over 1000 samples. Everything what a hot producer needs nowadays!


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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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