Breakbeat Jazz

Breakbeat Jazz

Equipped Music BREAKBEAT JAZZ [Multiformat DVD]


If you are into that weed smoking, turntable culture of HipHop, then go right ahead, jump into the crate diggin sounds of Breakbeat Jazz. Original sounding breakbeats, mixed up with vinylstyle rhodes chords, jazzy basses, FX and much, much more.

2100 Rex2 loops and more than 3700 Wav loops & samples, all produced and recorded for Breakbeat Jazz. This is the ultimate Breakbeat collection for any Stylus RMX & Reason user!

The Rex2 Xpander series is an intuitively organized library specially prepared and organized for use within Stylus RMX and Reason, but of course also works with any other WAV and Rex2 reading software; Cubase, Logic, ProTools, etc.

The outstanding feature of the Rex2 Xpander, Breakbeat Jazz is its True Drum Loop Separation of ALL Breakbeats, the Kick, Snare, Hihat, Percussion, yes EVERY single elements of the break are provided. Finally vinyl sounding breaks you can mix, eq, tune and combine with thousands of other break elements, giving you infinite groove combinations, all edited and created by yourself, and playable at ANY tempo/BPM.

DVD Content

2197 Rex2 Drum & Music loops (24Bit)

Organized in Bassdrum, Snare, Hihat, Conga,Shaker, Percussion, Music & FX folders. Specially prepared and laid out for fast conversion to Stylus RMX format / Reason REFILL.

110 Rex2 Drum Kits (24Bit)

Sorted in different categories where all the drum sounds are laid out on four octaves on the keyboard. For creative drum programming in RMX & Reason -tune, pitch, filter, etc all drums in a kit at the same time.

502 Wav Drum & Music loops (24Bit)

Mixed and treated, grouped into Drum loops, Music & Bass loops, Percussion loops, Kick/FX loops, Hh/Snare loops & No Kick loops. All matched to a few interactive BPMs and useable in any Wav reading software (Cubase, Pro Tools, Logic, Live, etc).

3250 Wav Drum, Music & FX Samples (24Bit)

Spice your groove with Funky Electric Pianos, Jazz & Electric Basses, Jazz Guitars, Flutes, Horns and noisey FX-Voxes. Here you also find the massive Drum Library. All creatively laid out fora easy and convenient conversion to a Reason REFILL.


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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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