Slomotion Tokyo Soundscape [2 DVD]

Slomotion Tokyo Soundscape [2 DVD]

Equipped Music Slomotion Tokyo Soundscape [2 DVD] [Multiformat]

7 Gigabyte Soundtrack Library! 2 DVD ROMS Jam-packed with thousands of Cinematic, Soulful, Ambient, Chill-Out Loops and Samples. 1995 24 Bit Loops & Samples in 3 formats; WAV, REX2 & a huge 2 Gb Reason REFILL.


1995 Loops & Samples in 60, 65 & 70 Bpm. Endless Looping Soundscapes with Bladerunning Rhodes & Eno Land Piano, Synth & Guitar Tones/Chords. Deep Sleep & Dub Style Bass Loops and Dark City Tokyo Sound FX, Hazy Bird& Nature FX. Hypnotic Kalimba & Gamelan Anklung Loops with Discrete Traffic Style Percussion. Mystical Fragmented Drum & Percussion Loops with Dirty Valve Driven Organ Beat Box Loops & Samples.

REX2 (24 Bit)

876 24 Bit Rex2 Loops. Discrete Traffic Style Percussion, African Thumb Piano, Balinese Anklung Loops, Smooth Fragmented Percussion Loops, Vintage Organ Beat Box Rhythms, Dubby Deep Sleep Bass Loops, Cinematic Tokyo Sound FX, Treated Bird & Nature Loops. Slow Motion Looping Soundtrack Chords with Cinematic Synth, Mellotron & Guitar Loops.

REFILL (Reason 3.0)

2608 24 Bit Rex2, Wav Samples & Reason Patches. Hypnotic Soundscape Loops, Chill-Out Chords with Enoesque Synth & Guitar Tones, Deep Dubby Bass Loops, Tokyo Night Life Sound FX, Organic Bird & Nature FX Loops, African Thumb Piano & Balinese Gamelan Loops, Smooth Traffic Style Percussion Loops. Ambient Drum & Percussion Loops, Amped Vintage Organ Beat Box Samples together with over 700 Combinator, NN-19 & Redrum Patches.

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This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.

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