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Harmonica [2 CD]

Harmonica [2 CD]
Product Type: Multiformat

Zero-G's definitive collection of HARMONICA samples, performed by Ben Hewlett and recorded by Paul Lennon. The harmonica is an instrument that can provide haunting sounds (remember the Charles Bronson theme in the cult film "Once Upon A Time In The West"!). It can also be incredibly funky and provide irresistible rhythm. This superb new sample library contains a huge array of moods, timbres and loops, for use in as wide a variety of applications as possible.

"...a massive collection of more than 300, very well played riffs. These riffs are played within different styles, but the influence of blues is very strong. The booklet keeps you on track with what tempo or key the riffs are played....The recordings themselves are very clear and have plenty of dynamics....you might surprise yourself with this CD. Rated 9/10"

Disc 1 (audio CD) features over 300 Harmonica Riffs featuring a wide range of playing techniques, for Blues, Funk. Pop, Rock, Country, and much more.. (e.g. try dropping these riffs & loops into ACID or SONAR to instantly add a fantastic funky live feel to dance tracks).

On Disc 2, in addition to providing all those same riffs in ACIDized WAV format, you will find 12 Playable Harmonica Instruments for EXS24 and HALion, chromatically multisampled in the most useful playing techniques. (Great for creating everything from complex melodic parts to those reverbed-out haunting film themes..!)
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This product was released on 20 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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