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Drumcodes Vol. 1

Drumcodes Vol. 1
Product Type: WAV Samples

Mutekki Media Drumcodes Vol. 1

Drums are the essence of every club production and so Mutekki Media sends its next Sampling CD specialist Drumcodes into the race. With over 1900 samples, thematically clearly structured into folders 8bit, Bass Sounds, Bassdrums, Claps, Snares, Cymbals, FX Sounds (tonal as well as non-tonal), Loops (subdivided in BPM, Loops Mixed, Music Loops, Percussion Loops and Guestloops by Patrick Zigon), Minimal Percussion, Rim Shots, Sequences & Riffs, Shaker, Synth Shots, Textures, Tonal Sounds and a library of the analogue drum-synthesizer legend TR-808, this collection offers everything needed for a fat drumming in the fields of Minimal, Electro, Tech House and allied genres. The people behind the selection, production and refinement of this all-in-one drum specialist are Jürgen Driessen and Peter Jürgens two club producers, who through their years of experience know which drums set dancefloors on fire.

Computer Music 07/08
Drumcodes Vol. 1 packs in over 1900 dance sounds, mostly drums, including individual drum hits, TR-808 hits, BPM-marked Loops, FX shots, bass sounds. synth shots and sequences, and ambiences. Mutekki Media are a distributor of the Vengeance sampie CD series, which are synonymous with quality dance sounds, so fans will be glad to hear that the first of the Drumcodes series is of an equally lofty standard. Every sound seems to be about as tight bright and punchy as possible. Even the 8-bit folder sports dozens of sounds that seem to just jump out at you.

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You may buy Drumcodes Vol. 1 or download it from our website.
This product was released on 21 May 2009. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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