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ADSR Sounds Deep House in FL Studio 12 [DVD]

ADSR Sounds Deep House in FL Studio 12 [DVD]

ADSR Sounds Deep House in FL Studio 12 [DVD / Tutorial]

Build A Deep House Track With FL Studio 12

Deep house is a popular genre right now, both in the mainstream and underground of electronic music. Using the latest version of Image Line’s FL Studio, we show you how to create a deep house track from scratch. Everything is covered, from drum production, to synth work, as well as mixing and mastering.

We start off by briefly covering some of the differences between FL Studio 12 and its predecessors, before using Drumaxx to create a simple house beat. Using the built-in synths of FL Studio, we show you how to create percussion, sound effects and sweepers, as well as using them for basslines, leads and pad sounds. We also cover the arrangement of the track, before detailing the processes of subtractive and additive mixing.

For the purposes of this course, it is recommended that you have the producer version of FL Studio, with all of its related plugins, like Harmor, PoiZone and Harmless, as these will be used throughout the course.
Everything from drum production, to synth work, as well as mixing and mastering in FL Studio.


New Features of FL Studio 12

Get the lowdown of all the new features of the software. Learn the crucial differences between older packages and this new one

Menus and UI

Learn how to navigate the User Interface (UI), plus loads of helpful, useful workflow tips and tricks, keyboard shortcuts and more

How to Use the Playlist

Introducing the Playlist – learn how to use it effectively, its menus, tools and more

Building Beats in the Channel Rack

Your first steps making music. I show you how to use Drumaxx, a default plugin that comes with FL Studio, to build basic drum beats

Routing Channels to the Mixer

FL Studio works differently to other DAWs. Learn how to use the Mixer properly in FL Studio


Building a drum loop, layering a bassline and lead and creating pads are all part of this module. Learn about sampling, producing a beat, and basic synthesising techniques, using default FL Studio plugins like Harmor and Poizone.

Creating drum loops

Learn how to split channels in Drumaxx, and how to use it to produce a drum loop. Learn about the “Make Unique” feature in FL Studio, and more

Producing a Bassline

Introducing the brilliant Harmor synthesiser – learn how to produce a hollow square wave bass, reminiscent of classic house music.

Layering a topline lead

Learn how to use Morphine to produce a bright glass bell lead

Padding out with strings

Use PoiZone to create a typical washed-out pad to augment the rest of your track


Introduction to the process of arrangement, adding sound FX and percussion, as well as risers and snares are all part of this module. Learn about filters and the difference between drops, verses and buildups/breakdowns

Arranging using the Playlist

How to layer the elements of your track, MIDI patterns, audio clips and more

Creating the Intro

How to retain simplicity whilst maintaining interest – producing DJ-friendly drum intros

Sound FX, percussion and more

Using sample audio clips to thicken your drum sounds, create interesting percussion loops, and more

Risers, snares and the buildup

How to properly use snares in order to create tension and buildups to the drop/breakdown

Creating a strong drop

How to layer all your elements together for a thick, strong drop

The breakdown and filters

Introducing filters, how to use them to smooth transitions between sections, and creating a breakdown


More advanced techniques, such as automation, sidechaining, compression, reverb and delay are all covered here. This module will introduce you to preparing your track for the final stage.


Use automation for greater complexity and interest within your tracks. Volume automation, frequency/filter automation and more!

Sidechaining the Bass

Learn about one of the most coveted techniques in electronic music – the sidechain! Its easy to do in FL Studio, learn how in this video!


Use compression to even out dynamics in sounds. When to use compression, a detailed explanation of the controls of Fruity Compressor, and more

Reverb, Delays and Chorus

Learn the crucial differences between reverbs, delays and chorus effects, and when to use them.

Additive and Subtractive Mixing

Two different mixing techniques you can use in preparing your tracks, additive and subtractive mixing.

Using EQ for mixing

How to use the Fruity Parametric EQ2, when to use EQ, the difference between cutting and boosting


I’ve been producing music for around six years now. I started off using Propellorhead’s Reason, and then migrated over to FL Studio in order to start using external plugins and VSTs. I mainly produce Progressive and Electro House as well as Trance, and have recently taken an interest in Trap and Hardstyle.

I graduated from the University of Nottingham in 2015 and studied for a year at Texas A&M University, USA in 2013. I have produced multiple tracks under my name, as well as producing instrumentals for other artists internationally. I am currently an alumni of a Texas A&M organization called the “DJ’s of Aggieland” and have spun at numerous house parties, with several big opportunities lined up for the immediate future.

I hosted a weekly radio show whilst studying in Texas, playing my own music, as well as tracks from local producers. In 2015 I had a radio show at the University of Nottingham on URN1350.

I have a SoundCloud account that showcases the music I make professionally. You can find it by searching for “FleeC”.


You may also find more information about this product here.

You may buy ADSR Sounds Deep House in FL Studio 12 [DVD] or download it from our website.
This product was released on 20 Aug 2015. Please check compatibility with your hardware and O/S.


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